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With a focu on more sustainable life and technologies, get tips on eco-friendly waste removal and how build a home designed for every climate. Likewise, there's some advice on renovations at home and making your home more cozy.


Moving In Together Too Soon?

Moving In Together: How Soon is Too Soon?

As your relationship grows, one of the natural steps forward is to live-in together, sharing common premises. But how soon is too soon to be making such a decision? Ask yourself first: Is moving in together a good idea? Give it a serious thought before you take the next step.

Bathroom Renovations by Professionals

Professional Bathroom Renovations

These days people like to get things done by themselves. It saves money and there are heaps of tutorial videos online. But it's not always a good idea. Some things are best done by professionals. Here are four reasons why your shouldn't make bathroom reno a DIY project.

Concrete Slab Heating System

Benefits of Concrete Slab Heating

There are many different options to heat your house. From gas and electric heaters, to solar panels, they all have different costs and maintenance. One of the more popular heating systems is concrete slab heating or in-floor heating, which uses pipes to heat the floor.

Live In or Move Out

Live In or Move Out While Remodeling Home

There's no question that your family would be excited at the prospect of renovating your home. After all, everybody likes to have a new home. But you have to decide where you're going to live while remodeling is going on. Live in or move out? Here are some reasons for both choices.

Luxury Interior Decor Ideas

7 Interior Decor Ideas for Luxury

In today's fast moving world, one way to escape all the stress is to seek your solace at home. Doing that is not always easy, so you have to be mindful of it when you're decorating your home. Combine it with a certain level of luxury and you will have your own home sanctuary.

Design Home for Every Climate

Design a Home for Every Climate

It's a lifelong dream for many people to own a home for their family. Apart from many different variables that come into designing a home, one also has to be mindful of the climate where the home will be. Take a look at features to add and things to avoid for every climate.

Increase Home Resale Value

Increase Your Home Resale Value

Before you decide upon going in the market with your home, it's smart to make some small improvements, tidy up and clean up your lawns. Some of these may be only cosmetic improvements, but first impressions do matter. Here are 5 ways to increase home's resale value.

Eco-Friendly Waste Removal

Eco-Friendly Waste Removal Methods

In our growing consumerist society, excessive waste has become a growing problem that's affecting our lives and our environment. But there are responsible ways to get rid of waste by reducing the burden on the environment. Consider these eco-friendly waste removal methods.

Simple Home Renovations

Simple Home Renovations

Whether you are trying to sell your home or want to add some class to your house, there are easy ways to make those improvements without breaking your budget. Here are some tips and ideas for simple home renovations that will add a touch of class to your home.

Making Your Living Room

Making Your Living Room Cozy

Family living room has always been the focal point in home living. But with changing times and family life, this multifunctional space sees many different uses in home. Here's what you can do to change this space to reflect your needs and family purposes.

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