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10 Awesome Ways To Study For An Exam

How to get that knowledge crammed into your brain

Guys, we’re approaching that time of year again. If you’re in university, you might already be at the precipice of hell week. For people who don’t know, hell week is typically one or two weeks of hell during each year of university. It’s a time when you have multiple exams and coursework due. It can be an absolute nightmare and in the later years, many people break down under the pressure. But that’s all part of the university challenge, and there’s only one way to get through it.

You need to study as hard as you can in the most effective way possible. Here are some awesome ways you can get that information crammed into your cranium.

Students engrossed in study, with laptop and books
Studying for an exam is a challenging and demanding task,
which can be helped by utilizing some smart ways for
better knowledge absorption. 
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Ah cramming, a technique that has been used by every generation of student. But does it work and how should you go about it? To cram, you simply need to read as much information as possible as near to exam time as you can. It will work as long as you are concentrating on what you’re reading. Information will be stored in your short term memory.

Studying? There’s an app for that

There’s are some awesome revision apps that allow you to create multiple choice answers from information. That way you can craft your own revision and practice things that you suck at the most.

In Your Sleep

Before you go to bed, try this one out. Record as much information that you need to know as you can. After that, play it on a loop while you sleep. Our minds are functioning at a faster rate while we’re sleeping. They can pick up more information in a shorter time. The problem is this information will be stored, but you won’t realise it’s there. You’ll need to trigger the info. A quick practise test should do this.

Cue Cards

If you have a friend, write down some cue cards and get them to test you. It’s easy, simple to do and works a charm. Just make sure you aren’t cheating because you’ll only be fooling yourself.

Mind Maps

Are mind maps useful? Sure, they’re a great way to lay out complex information so that it’s easy to understand. You just have to be careful that you don’t spend all your time making the map beautiful.

Positive Reinforcement

If you want to achieve great grades, encourage yourself by promising to buy something if you do well. You just need to make sure you don’t kid yourself. Don’t buy it unless you pass with flying colours.

Negative Reinforcement

Or, how about punishing yourself if you do badly. Just think about all the studying you’ll need to do over the summer if you fail. That should give you enough encouragement to work hard and get the grades.

Studying hard brings positive results
Instead of looking for shortcuts, sometime the best and quickest
way to learn
and retain knowledge is simply to study hard
for your exams.
(Image by: Pixabay)


Another way to learn complex information is to connect it phonetically with other words. This actually takes some thought to get the hang of, but it’s worth it. Students have even been known to write entire stories that connect with info they need to know.


Alternately, you could write a song with the info you need. You’ll be surprised how fantastic the human mind is at learning information in rhythm. It’s the reason why earworms even exist. Annoying, and proof singing about the number of bones in the body isn’t as silly as it sounds.

Videos On Youtube

Finally, you can just check out some videos on youtube. If you search the web, we guarantee you’ll find some other students who have learned innovative ways to utilize their memory. You’ll just have to try not to get distracted by all the other info out there. Or, you could just pray the exam is multiple choice.

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