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Do really parental and administrative support
help breed academic success?

Kids with educated parents perform better in school

Administrative and educational support breeds academic success, but there wasn’t any study to back that up. Fortunately, a recently released investigation analyzes what makes up educational and cultural excellence. It also aims to discover the best learning practices at school as well as at home.

According to Dr. Michael Martin, the director of TIMSS and PIRLS and co-author of the research, the discoveries support many traditional beliefs about upbringing kids and getting them a proper education. He says that their study focuses on how things work and why.

Studying at home
Good study habits at home and proper school education help students perform better and achieve more.

How can parents help their kids achieve
performance studying at home?

The study is the first the attempt to analyze what schools, parents and children are doing to achieve performance in science and math. Scientists used information from 170,000 parents, 180,000 students, 6,000 principals and 14,000 teachers, and the participants were from 34 different countries.

This is by far the largest and amplest set of information for this specific grade level. They focused mainly on 10-year old children who are in the fourth grade. He adds that nobody managed to gather good measures of science, mathematics and reading, complex background from questionnaires and vital information from students, principals and parents. Martin emphasizes that they have a unique set of data that will aid them obtain flawless results.

Proper education should happen both at home and in school

Although researchers discovered that all the nations have distinctive education systems, the data showed that there are also various similarities both in homes and in schools. These similarities influence the pupils’ academic performances. Dr. Ina Mullis, co-author at the study states that parents put the basis of their child’s education.

This is followed by school and the kid’s development is shaped by administration, teachers and other students. It is important for the education process to take place on two levels, at home and in school. This way the student will have higher achievements, will be more ambitions, and will have more chances to succeed in life.

Reading to a child
Children of educated parents learn more, study better, and have a greater chance of success in life.

Dr. Martin states that educated parents will buy their kids books and will try to engage them in various cultural activities from a young age. When those children start school, they will understand things in a different way and will probably have higher grades too. They will know how to read, count, and their mind will be much more developed.

Giving all these things it is only natural for them to perform better in class. They begin school with a huge advantage and will not lose it on the way. But how exactly can parents offer their children this advantage? What should they do? Every might start at home, but how can parents actually help their kids?

Home practice makes students excel in class

Nearly all countries participating at the study managed to get over 90% of ten year old students to a level of proficiency in science and math. The United States were not included in the study. However, in 2011 98% of the America children in the fourth grade reached a proficiency level in math, reading and science. Only five countries witnessed 35% of their pupils reaching a higher performance in these subjects.

Educated families with cultural backgrounds
can raise smarter children

The study emphasized the idea that fourth graders that come from homes with educated parents tend to achieve better results in school. TIMSS and PIRLS have several reports from parents related to the educational activities kids engage in. Children who are taught to read from a young age, who play clever games with their parents, and who come from an educated family can perform better when they go to school. The study highlighted the huge benefits of being a good reader from a young age.

Dad reading book to children
Early education is essential for a good start in life, accompanied by parental support

Kids who engage in diverse literacy activities will do better in science and mathematics. Students who have reading problems and cannot express themselves find math and science particularly difficult. Hence, reading is vital to achieve success in school and do well in life. Reading is the glue that holds everything together. It helps children develop faster, understand the world better, and have a brighter future. Parents should teach their children to read before going to school and must offer them a good education.

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