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Why You'd Be A Fool
Not To Master The English Language

Six excellent reasons to learn English language

If English isn’t your first language, that’s no problem. In fact, speaking a number of languages is an advantage. But speaking English well is one of the keys of being successful in the world. For example, English is the language of business. And as a result, it’s how the world communicates across borders.

If you want to go far in life, a command of English is essential. Here is why you’d be a fool not to master the English language.

The whole world communicates in English
English is the most widely spoken language in the world and one of the keys
to being successful around the globe. (Image:

It’s The Most Spoken Language On Earth

There are only a handful of English-speaking countries in the world. But their influence has been so extreme over the centuries that the language is now internationally recognised. Across the globe, about a fifth of people can speak English.

It’s The Language Of Education

English is the language in which higher education is taught. Why? Because English has the enormous variety of words that the arts and sciences demand. It’s for this reason that going on an English learning course is essential for any aspiring students. It’s only once you’ve built up a command of the English language that education opportunities will open up to you all over the world.

English is the language of education
Knowing the English language is essential for any serious students that opens up
a world of education and business opportunities.  (Image credit:

English Is The Language Of The Internet

Every year the internet becomes a more and more important factor in our lives. Some people have suggested that the web will become the centre of our business and personal lives in the future. And, importantly, most of the largest websites in the world are written in English. Just think of Amazon and Youtube. Also, most businesses that use the Internet converse in English, rather than any other language.

English Is The Dominant Language In The Entertainment Industry

If you want a high-flying career in entertainment, you’ve got to learn English. Just look at the success that Arnold Schwarzenegger had after he learned the language (in his unique way). Yes, it’s true that there are entertainment scenes outside the Anglophone world, like France and India. But these scenes are not truly global and the opportunities for success not as widespread. To really go far in the entertainment biz, you’ve got to master English.

Master your English language skills
"Do you speak English?" could be one of the most spoken phrases
in the business and professions around the world. (Image:

English Is The Official Language Of 53 Countries

No other language offers as much bang for the buck as English. English is the first spoken language of just over a quarter of the countries in the world. The actual number of countries you can go to is a lot higher than this. After all, many countries use English as a second language. And many people in those countries use the language to communicate on a daily basis.

English Is The Language Of Science

The English-speaking world has for a long time been at the centre of science and mathematics. And the English language has evolved to meet the needs of these fields. Today there are practically no science journals of merit that aren’t written in the English language. Thus, English has scientific vernacular that simply cannot be translated meaningfully into other languages.

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