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How to Roofcheck Your Home

Follow this roof inspection checklist

An old wooden house with grass covered roof
Don't wait until your roof is in a dire need of repair before you check it -
all you need is a pair of binoculars to start with.
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With a never ending to-do list of chores, it’s easy to take your roof for granted. We assume that is it there doing it’s job, and that is enough. After all, you have plenty enough going on without having to worry about something we don't really see or pay much attention to most of the time. The trouble is neglecting your roof can get expensive, in a big way. By the time you spot the signs inside, water damage and rot may well have been wreaking havoc, and you had no idea about it. At your earliest, put together your roof inspection checklist.

Check your roof with binoculars

Make a date with your roof and give it a “roofcheck” the next fine day you can. You might be the type you does not have a head for heights. If that is the case a close inspection with a pair of binoculars may do just as well. Otherwise you’ll need to get the ladders out, but don’t worry, you are not going to walk about the roof. That is a job that is a best avoided and left to the professionals.

Inspect gutters using ladder

From the well secured ladder, you’ll get a bird's eyes view of the guttering. This is a great opportunity to clean out any debris that has accumulated there over the year. A pair of rubber gloves is a handy tip. Pull out and clear what you can. Installing gutter covers will be a brilliant way to stop leaves from accumulating and laying a mulch inside the gutter. Check any joins, especially on the corners and ensure that any downpipes are running cleanly. A hose could help you establish this. Any defective guttering sections, which are warped or cracked will need to be replaced.

Inspect your roof tiles or shingles

With the guttering taken care of, turn your attention to the roof itself. Your roof is likely to be covered with tiles, slates or shingles. Of course there are other roof types and you’ll need to take appropriate advice. But you should be on the lookout for cracked or broken tiles or slates. If you are handy, you’ll be able to replace the odd slate or tile relatively easily. Some repairs may be as simple as hammering gently down on any nails that have been pushed up. A professional company can be a great asset. ELC Roofing could give you great advice on what needs a more experienced hand.

House roofs covered in red roof tiles
Tall roofs are not for amateurs and will require professional
roofing company 
to inspect them and do any necessary repairs. 
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Check for signs of wear and tear

In an ideal world roofs would have nothing sprouting through them, such as chimneys or vents. Neither would they have windows. It is the associated flashing that can cause the problems. Water is very adept at finding a way through cracks or splits in any caulking. Check for any signs of wear and tear and make good appropriately. Cast a close eye at the exposed brickwork or rendering on the chimney. These are often places prone weather attack.

Does your roof have a warranty?

Flat roofs come with their own warranty issues. A rule of thumb would dictate that these types of roofs need to be treated or replaced every twenty years or so. Older style asphalt roofs are prone to leaks and problem here are best left to the professionals. Garage roofs and carports are important too. Ensure your tools and vehicles are dry and protected.

It may be that you need to have very little repair or replace. But it is way better to make this check once a year to ensure that much bigger problems are prevented from taking hold.

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