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5 Tips to Choose the Best Bicycle
For Your Kids

It can be a difficult job choosing a kid’s bicycle, but this article will make life a bit easier for you. We look at five brilliant tips that you can take to the store when you’re trying to choose the best bicycle for your kids, as well as a guide for choosing the right size bicycle.

Boy riding bicycle outdoors
Many toys aside, bicycles could be one of the most desired purchases
your child will want from you. They're simply a terrific fun for the young ones. (Image: Big Bear Vacations via Pexels)

There are so many types of kid’s bicycle sizes and accessories that it can be difficult knowing what to buy your child. Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with five brilliant tips when looking to purchase a bicycle for kids.

Let’s find out more!

1. Are they old enough?

It is important to consider age to determine whether you want to buy a bike with stabilizers, a balance bike or a mountain bike. All of them are vastly different and depend on the child’s motor skills. Fortunately, children can learn to ride tricycles from the age of two.

Between the ages of 3 to 5, it’s a good idea to purchase stabilizers on their bike or purchase a specific training bicycle for kids so that they can learn how to write like a grown-up. If you do use stabilizers, gradually lift them off the ground to provide less and less support over time so that your child can develop proper balance

2. Height is important

When you’re sizing up a bicycle for kids, height is one of the most important considerations. Children need to feel like they’re at ease on their two wheels. The size will correspond to both the diameter of wheels and the frame. If the child has a bike, which is, too large or too small, this will make learning difficult and will be very uncomfortable.

Check out our rough guide below to bike sizing that you can take with you to your local shop:

Bike Wheel
Age Height
(in inches)
Inside Leg Length (inch.)
12 2-4 30-39 12-17
14 3-5 37-44 16-20
16 5-8 39-48 18-22
20 6-10 42-52 22-25
24 10-12 52-58 24-28
26 12+ 58+ 28+

3. What is your child going to do with it?

All too often they’ve heard stories about children not playing with their bikes, for instance, bikes being bought for a four-year-old with a bicycle trailer for kids attached - there’s no way that they’re going to pull that thing! If you live in the country, you might want features such as mudguards, a comfy saddle, or low step through. If you are living in the city, a road bike may be a good option. Does your child display a passion for extreme sports? BMX bikes can be a great purchase in this case.

Two girls riding bicycles in a park, with helmets on.
Bicycles are great fun for both boys and girls,
giving them opportunity to explore outdoors and get all that
energy surplus spent on something useful.

4. Kids bicycle accessories

Purchasing correct accessories is just as important as purchasing the actual bike. Safety comes first, so get yourself a helmet that fits, as well as lights, so that other vehicles can see your child riding. Make sure that you purchase a puncture repair kit because your child won’t be able to ride if they get a puncture, plus they can also learn valuable skills about bike maintenance. Also think about style in order to raise the appeal of the bicycle, for instance, a girl’s bicycle for kids age 8 would look great with a buzz and bag on the front!

5. Check everything works

A lot of people neglect to check things, especially when making second-hand purchases. You’ll want that kid’s girl bicycle to last! Before making any purchase, test everything out. Make sure that the brakes are working and that the cables haven’t stretched, because even the most reputable mechanics can make mistakes. Are the spokes in good order? Are the handlebars screwed on tight enough? These are questions that you want to ask before you buy.

Inside a bicycle store
Before you go to the store, make sure you have worked out bike sizing
needed by your children, although you'll probably want for them to
go along with you to the store. (Image: Alexander Dummer via Pexels)


We hope that you take these tips on board when making a purchase, especially to ensure comfort and safety when riding. If you get things right, your child will be happy for many years to come.

Do you have any bicycle purchasing tips? Tell us in the comments section below.

Author’s Bio:

Rich is a former bike shop owner and extreme sports instructor. He loves to do anything in the great outdoors, especially cycling. Rich recently moved from New York City to the green belt of London and loves to go on nature trails in the forest.

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