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Significant Changes in the
New Office Furniture

The Offices are tearing down the walls!

Say goodbye to the cubicle and welcome to the era of wide open spaces. Today people are used to networking in coffee shops, eateries or at home. They want access to their work tools wherever they are. With floor plans more open, office furniture is needed to adapt to the new style and the latest technology.

The days of the corner office are diminishing, conference rooms are being transferred into meeting places. Nowadays there’s a lot of flexibility built into furniture for the office. A lot older-styled furniture has been there for years. Businesses are finding that they have to change their environment to attract young people, to encourage collaboration.

Dark-coloured office furniture
Changes in designers attitude and modern office needs are bringing more
open space and no walls look for offices.

Now offices can be reconfigured on a daily basis to adapt the needs of the employees. The biggest change in the office world is that people are no longer bound to their desks and with the advent of laptops and other technology, everyone is mobile. Global spurt of handheld devices and greater connectivity are changing the traditional office dimensions in more ways than one. Latest trends from office spaces and designers suggest that modern offices are opting for a more open and ‘barrier-free’ look.

Recovery in the Economy

Office changes that were put on hold during the downturn are now being considered. With the global economic recession now slowly making way for better times, offices are also far more prepared to spend on a change in furnishings. While furniture industry did see a dip during the recession, market experts believe that the influx of cash along with the desire to revamp offices will give it a big boost in the next few years. An investment in new office furniture is not to be taken lightly.

Modular Furniture

Modern-look office furniture

Cubicles are becoming a thing of the past, as a new generation armed with more connectivity and creativity is opting for an open floor plan. The removal of barriers and the renovation of office space also mean that furniture providers have to adapt accordingly.

With companies opting to create vibrant and innovative work areas that are very different from the traditional offices in order to attract younger employees, multi-dimensional d├ęcor and inspired interiors are quickly becoming the norm. Apart from a dynamic work area, lounge spots that encourage informal interaction and cool cafeteria spaces that sport seating akin to stylish kitchen bar stools are becoming more and more a part of the work environment.

Stylish modern office

There has been a substantial change in systems furniture configurations, wood finishes, sustainability and ergonomics.

Low height dividers in place of cubicles between employees help to facilitate interactive communication along with more casual, spontaneous brain storming and idea sharing.

Chairs are now available with arms for tablet computers which were not so 20 years ago. The new style of office chairs aren’t just good looking or comfortable to sit in, but they allow the employees to get close to where they work.

Changing Trends

Trends in office furniture have been historically slow to change. Recently, however, they have started to gain momentum. Companies are beginning to move toward more collaborative and modern work spaces. There is less demand for the old school style of office design. The current concern is establishing an environment that is comfortable, productive and mobile.

Flexibility is the key, along with the necessary setting to make that happen. In order to promote creativity, the design in itself must be creative. This is the innovative change necessary to push the economy in the direction of growth. Recent increase in furniture sales, confirms this notion.

Modern design office furniture
Business is making serious effort to go green with new office furniture designs

Nowadays both consumers and manufacturers are more concerned with the environmental impact of their furniture. This has led to some interesting changes. Office manufacturers have returned to the drawing board to design products that can meet the public’s demand for being environmentally friendly.

Like looking at the nutrition facts on the back of the box, businesses are concerned with what materials their furniture is actually made of. The revitalized market brings with it a change toward the creative aspect of office design and a serious effort for business to go and stay green. We should really consider calling it ‘Next Generation Green’!

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