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How to Deal With Sentimental Clutter

Tips and tricks on dealing with sentimental clutter
taking space around your home

Wedding, birthday, and anniversary gifts, trip souvenirs, family heirlooms, etc., all carry some sentimental value. And, there is nothing wrong with collecting and appreciating those. However, some of those items are broken, damaged, and useless. What is more, some of them do not have any other purpose than to crowd your living space and make it impossible to live comfortably.

Smiling woman surrounded by cluttered boxes making notes on her laptop
Over the years your home will accumulate a lot of clutter that takes
more and more of useful space. Time to get organized and get rid of it.

Sometimes, they even make processes like moving a house or renovating it far more complex. This is when you know that it is time to declutter. To do this, you will need to prepare yourself emotionally first. And, once you do that, we will help you with the rest. Today we will talk about all the tips and tricks on how to deal with sentimental clutter. Thus, if this is something that may interest you, keep on reading.

Decide What is Worth Keeping and What Must Go

First things first, you must decide on what is worth keeping and what must go. It would be a good idea to put all of your sentimental items in one place. Take a look at everything and try to put your emotions aside as they will not get you anywhere. Be rational and decide what you should keep and what you can live without. Once you decide what stays, find it a perfect place in your home. You can consider either donating, giving to friends and family, selling online, or throwing away all that is left.

Getting rid of sentimental clutter is challenging. So, if you cannot make up your mind just yet, there is a solution. You can consider renting a storage unit and investing in some containers that will protect the items until you make up your mind.

Man seemingly in despair sitting on car trunk with cardboard boxes
It can be challenging to clear your sentimental clutter. Take an interim
step and place it into storage space, until you decide what to with it.

It is Important to Get Rid of the Guilt

We get gifts all the time - when moving to a new house, for birthdays, and for all sorts of special occasions. Sometimes, those gifts are just what we needed. But, sometimes, they are downright useless. When the latter happens, we are usually forced to clutter our homes with the things we will never need nor use. Keep in mind that it is one thing to hold on to items out of love or nostalgia, but holding on to entities out of guilt is a whole other story. Therefore, when decluttering your home, try to get rid of the blame. Do your best to look at everything objectively. That is the best way to deal with sentimental clutter.

Gifts Should Not Be a Burden

As previously mentioned, gifts are tough to get rid of as we are usually too emotionally attached to them. Or because we are worried about what the person that gave it to us might think if we didn’t find a place in our home for their gift. But the truth is, nobody expects you to display every single item. A gift given to you is yours, and what you will do with it is entirely your decision. If you have many gifts around your home that you do not use or do not like, get rid of them. Gifts should not be a burden, and you should not feel the obligation to keep everything you ever get from other people.

A gift wrapped in a red box.
How many gifts you have laying around, some not even opened?
If they clutter your space, do not feel obliged to keep them.

Have a Lot of Heirlooms? Pass Them On

Similar to gifts, we also get a lot of heirlooms from family members. And, again, just like with gifts, most people believe that heirlooms are something that they should never get rid of, no matter how useless or unsightly they are. But, you are not obliged to keep anything you do not like. So, if you get an heirloom from a family member, do not bite your nails. As with everything else you do not like - get rid of it. However, it is not a good idea to just sell these or throw them in a storage unit. It would be best if you can keep them in the family. So, ask around. See if some of your relatives might like or want it.

You should be careful when handling heirlooms, especially if they are fragile pieces of furniture or some bulky home knick-knacks. You must handle them with care! If you decide to pass them on to some other relative (or even to put them in storage), consider hiring professionals for the job. Moreover, if you opt for a greener solution than cardboard and bubble wrap, providers of such services as Capital City Bins are there for you. The help from professionals will ensure that your item arrives safely at its new address.

A woman carrying a stack of cardboard boxes
Planning to move your clutter is fine, but sometime it's more effective
to simply start clearing it even with no plan - it'll come to you later.

Find a Better Home for Some of Your Sentimental Clutter

Another way to deal with your sentimental clutter is to give it a new home. That is so much better than keeping those items in the basement, garage, storage unit, or somewhere around the house where their only purpose is to collect dust. As mentioned, you can pass on some of the items to family members or even to interested friends or neighbors. Or, if you had no luck there, you can also consider selling those items online. Take a picture of an object, decide on the price, and post it online - on Craigslist, for example.

A way to deal with sentimental clutter is to find a new home for the items you do not use or like - it is much better than hiding them. Alt.tag; A woman carrying boxes.

Try to Repurpose an Item You Are Not Using

However, if getting rid of the sentimental clutter is just too much for you, you can also consider repurposing some of it. For instance, if you inherited some clothes from your mother, grandmother, aunt, etc., take them to your tailor and make something you can wear. Or, if you got some piece of furniture as a gift or a family heirloom, consider making a few adjustments like changing the color or size of the item. Look for home decoration ideas - you never know where and how you can get inspired. Deal with sentimental clutter by adjusting it to your needs and your liking. After all, you are the one 'living' with it.

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