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How to Help Your Children Cope
with Moving Anxiety?

Make moving less stressful for your children

Moving is a stressful process for parents and children. But, recently, this has become a normal thing. People are losing jobs or getting promotions and are being forced to move to another city or even state. And sometimes, children do not understand why this particular move is necessary and why they have to leave their comfort zone.

So, it is up to you, as a parent, to do everything in your power to help your children cope with moving anxiety. Sometimes, a simple discussion will be enough, but sometimes something more serious must be done. Either way, here are some things you should do with your children before moving out for good.

An anxious girl standing in back yard.
Children are likely to experience anxiety when moving to a new place,
so you need to help them to cope with it all.

Have a Family Meeting

Many people think that having a family meeting before moving out is an unnecessary thing to do. However, they are wrong! A family meeting should be held as soon as a final moving date is set. The best way to help your children cope with moving anxiety is by giving them enough time to process everything. Your children will get accustomed to the idea of moving and it will be easier for them to prepare.

So, order some pizza and call for a family meeting. All family members should be present. You can tell your children why this move is necessary for your family. Encourage conversation! Your children probably have their reasons for worrying, so, ask them to speak up. Together, and by talking, you will be able to resolve any issues related to moving. That is why starting the relocation process by talking about it is the first step to making moving less stressful for the entire family.

A family sitting on a couch.
Moving is such a big change in family life that a family meeting about it
should be done to discuss it with your children.

Talk About the Positive and the Negative Aspects of Moving

When it comes to moving out, children usually tend to focus on all the negative aspects of it. They will lose all their friends, leave their schools, and be the 'New Kid' in their new community. No wonder why they are experiencing anxiety. However, as previously mentioned, these are all normal feelings. What you should do is emphasize all those positive aspects of moving.

For example, you can mention that they are going to meet many new friends, that they will be able to travel more, have new experiences and similar. Do not forget to mention how your family will benefit from this move. Moreover, you should never put those negative aspects of moving under the rug. Quite the opposite! Encourage your children to talk about their fears and help them find solutions to fixing them.

Encourage Excitement to Help Your Children Cope with Moving Anxiety

If your children are small, this is going to be an easy task. You simply have to make them think differently and make them focus on some other aspects of the move. For example, during the family meeting, you can all split the chores amongst each other. Your children can help you move. You can leave them in charge of some small projects like packing their toys and books or collecting boxes for packing until moving professionals come to load the moving truck. 

These small things can really make a child happy; they will make them feel involved and important, and most importantly they will help your child cope with anxiety. If your children are a bit older, you can excite them by telling them that they can choose and decorate their new room however they want. And if you have teens, then tell them to organize a goodbye party. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that you involve your children in all aspects of the move.

Mother and daughter talking.
Children are intelligent and understanding. Explain to them the changes
that will happen with moving, with an emphasis on the positive aspects.

Be Sure That They Stay in Touch With Old Friends

One of the most terrifying things for children when it comes to moving is saying goodbye to their friends. All children are afraid of not being able to see their playmates and classmates. For them, moving represents saying goodbye forever. So, try to explain that nothing is forever! You can help your children cope with moving anxiety by organizing a 'goodbye party' in your home, for example.

Call their favorite people. Invite all family members, neighbors they like to play with and classmates. Make this move a fun event. Moreover, encourage them to exchange their contact information with all of their friends before moving to the new area. Besides phone numbers, they can also exchange social media accounts, especially Skype. Finally, tell them that they will be able to see their friends whenever possible and that they will maintain contact with everybody from the old community.

Kids playing on the computer.
With today's technology, it'll be easy for your children to keep in touch with
their old school friends, while enriching their life with new experiences.

Make Them Feel Comfortable in the New Community

It is always better to be safe than sorry. And that is why coming prepared is the best thing you can do. Use all the time and energy you have at your disposal and make this transition simple and easy for your kids. Start by exploring your options. Visit moving blogs such as Manhattan Movers NYC and learn more about moving. Complete your tasks one by one. Include your kids in the process, And even more importantly- think about their needs first. If possible, try to visit your new city or neighborhood before moving there for good. It is of key importance to bring your children with you and introduce them to their new home, new school, neighborhood, and friends. If they know what they can expect, the feeling of anxiety may turn into the feeling of excitement.

Be sure to do all the fun stuff you can think of when you come to your new home. You can go to the beach, have a picnic, try some local food or whatever your family enjoys the most. Also, if you already bought your new home, you can tell your children that they can see the layout and maybe choose their own rooms. Children get extremely excited when they get a chance to decorate their new rooms and decorating a new family home. Finally, it would be best if you can go to the new school and talk to the teachers there. This will help your children cope with anxiety and make them feel less scared when things get real!

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