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Best Family Neighborhoods in NJ

Choosing best areas for families in New Jersey

An aerial view of a suburb, representing the best family neighborhoods in NJ.
When choosing best places to live, if you have a family, you will be
mainly concerned with the areas that are best for families in NJ.

When it comes to choosing where you’ll live, let’s face it - that’s not an easy process, by any stretch of the imagination. That’s true even if you’re looking for a studio apartment in your 20s. But once you’ve actually got a family to think about and take care of; such a decision becomes even more monumental. For example, if you’re going to choose the best family neighborhoods in NJ; you should definitely think about this long and hard before making a choice. Don’t worry, though; we’re here with a couple of suggestions on how you should make such a decision, as well as some of the nicest neighborhoods for families in the city.

Deciding to move to a new neighborhood

Let’s be honest; there aren’t many decisions bigger in your life than moving to a new place. This means a myriad of changes most people don’t even think about before they go on their stress-free move to Jersey City; the anxiety comes a bit later. Namely, once you realize that, no matter how often you call your friends and family - you’ll be entering entirely new social circles, where you’re not always comfortable and familiar.

A toddler playing with bubbles in the park.
Naturally, safety for your family and children especially, is essential
when deciding upon the best place to live in New Jersey.

Also, you’ll probably have to get a new job, if your current employer doesn’t offer positions in New Jersey. No matter what aspect of your life you take a look at - relocating means changing it. And this makes your choice among the best family neighborhoods in New Jersey incredibly important; because you’re not moving on your own, and you have your family to consider as well.

Choose with the family

Seeing as you’ll be going to some of the best family neighborhoods in New Jersey with your loved ones; consider the reasons we’ve stated above as to why moving is such a big thing. And then remember that it’s a big thing for your family members as well. So, and this is crucial, even before you start choosing where you’ll live - you need to be certain that everyone in your household is completely on board with the idea. The last thing you want is to aggravate somebody by not consulting them about a decision that affects them directly; that’s just a recipe for long-term resentment and disaster.

Instead, have a good long talk with your spouse about this. And once both of you are firmly supportive of the idea - present it to the children. And no matter how small they are, make sure not to disregard their opinions on this issue. After all, this is a big change for them as well. Remember - you’ll need the aid of your family members to undertake a successful relocation. And it doesn’t matter whether you’ll ask for help when moving to Trenton, NJ or somewhere else in the area; everyone needs to be happy about doing it.

A child playing with crayons in preschool.
Depending on the age of your children, look for pre-school facilities
and schooling options, when deciding where to move in New Jersey.

Finding the best spot

So, if you’ve definitely set your sights on moving to one of the best family neighborhoods in New Jersey; it’s time to address how you’ll choose where to relocate. When it comes to this, there are several different factors to consider. Firstly, you should think about what school district your children will belong to. If you’re not about to pay for the private schooling of your kids, you’ll be putting them through the public school system. And while that’s all well and good - you need to be careful about choosing a district that’s got the best possible educational facilities for your little ones. This will make moving less stressful for them as well, as they’ll adapt more easily.

Safety and Convenience

Also, safety is a major issue. Many people opt for cheaper neighborhoods even during a family relocation; completely disregarding the issue of safety in the process. But that’s a detrimental line of thought for obvious reasons; you don’t want your family living in an unsafe area. While you’re at it, think about where your new workplace is, in relation to your home.

A street scene from New York city
Take into consideration where you will work and how your can commute
to your work place, to determine how convenient is your new area.

Sure, the daily commute most of us make may seem like a silly thing to think about while moving; but if you think about it hard enough, you’ll realize that this takes up a huge portion of your day if you allow it to. While your job’s location shouldn’t completely dictate where you’ll relocate as a parent with a child and spouse; it shouldn’t also be completely disregarded. The last thing you want is to spend four hours a day just driving to and from work.

Best Areas

With all of this in mind, we’ll explore some of the finest suburban areas which fill all of the criteria we’ve laid out above. First of all, you should consider North Caldwell. This is an area that contains a great residential community, ideal for families with younger children. It’s a suburban neighborhood with plenty of outdoor areas and a big recreational complex.

Also, Woodcliff Lake is a great choice. You’ll be just a short drive away from a job in Newark, for example. And if you’re an aficionado of outdoor recreation with your family, you’ll have plenty to do here; it’s a safe area with great schools, playgrounds, tennis courts, dog parks, and even a fishing lake!

If you’re looking for something that offers a greater range of urban amenities without the big-city bustle; Oradell is a fine choice! It’s like a city without the annoying parts! Located in Bergen County, this area offers some of the lowest crime rates and best school districts you’ll find in the Garden State.

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