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Some Common Things about
Cabinets that are used in Kitchens

There are different types of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are commonly build-in furniture installed in the kitchens for storing food, any kind of cooking equipment, serving dishes, or any kind of essentials. The different applications such as the dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators and several others can be considered into the kitchen cabinetry.

Types of cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be of several types. It is important to choose the cabinet properly. It is better to check the type of cabinet first. The color, materials, and the doors are usually determined based on the style of the kitchen, while the type of the cabinet is mainly decided based on the type of the cabinet and obviously the budget. It is also important to utilize the space effectively. The common types of kitchen cabinets from the manufacturing point of view are explained below.

Classic look kitchen cabinets
Modern kitchen cabinets, with a touch of classical look,
combine well with industrial design kitchen appliances and counter tops.

Stock cabinets

It is easiest and fast way to give the kitchen a fresh new look. They are usually available in a limited and pre-defined finishes, door styles, and colors. They are usually delivered within a week or two after ordering and can again be remodeled at any time after installation.

Semi-custom cabinets

They are usually available in numerous custom styles and features than the stock cabinets. They have to be pre-ordered and are usually delivered within eight weeks. Semi-custom cabinets are available in numerous choices of stains, paints, finishes, glazes, and other custom finishing technique such as distressing. They also can have different types of shelves, racks, organization inserts and can be combined with cabinet feet and legs, crown modeling and offers a huge range of hardware choices that creates a complete unique look in the kitchen.

Custom cabinets

Custom ones offer the widest range of features such as several finishing options, wood types, modifications, and construction platforms. Here the makers meet any kind of demand for modifications from the customer. They usually take longer time to deliver the cabinet.

Framed and frameless cabinets

All these types of cabinets are available in either framed or frameless designs. Discussed below are the common features of the framed and frameless ones.

Modern kitchen cabinets design
Neat modern kitchen design look utilizes space efficiently,
making all cabintes and appliances easily accessible from any point.

Framed design

Here, there is about 1.5-2 inches of border, which in turn hides the edge of the box. It increases the strength of the cabinet. Here the door is attached to the side of the frames. They can be made of solid wood or substrates such as particleboard, plywood, or fiber wood.

Frameless or box design

These cabinets do not have any frame and the doors are directly attached to the sides of the box. The doors commonly cover the box and the entire cavity. These kitchen cabinets allow utilization of the entire space since the frames do not block space here. They are usually made of wood products rather than complete wood.

Design cabinet types

The cabinets can be classified as per the design. The common types are as follows.

Base cabinets

They are commonly known as lower cabinets. They are usually sturdy and strong. They provide a robust base for the heavy counterparts and can be used to create window sitting.

Wall cabinets

They are referred as upper or wall-mounted cabinets. They are hung on the wall. Along with being useful for storing kitchen essentials, it also increases the beauty of the kitchen.

Tall cabinets

They are commonly known as utility or pantry cabinets. They create enough storage space and vertical look in the area. They are usually available in the range of 84-96 inches.

Things to check while buying

Before buying kitchen cabinets, one needs to pay heed to these essential things. It is important to choose the ones that may kitchen life simpler and convenient. The position of the drawers also plays an essential role in finalizing the cabinets.

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