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How to Safely Store Your Knives
So That They Stay Scary-Sharp

Take proper care of your kitchen knives

Kitchen knives set on the counter
Make a habit of safely storing your kitchen knives, using whichever method
you prefer, to keep them safe, sharp and out of the harm's way.

Ask any chef or cooking enthusiast, and they will tell you that sharp knives sets are a necessity for the kitchen. However, ask them about storage, and all will be revealed. Storing them correctly is just as necessary as having them. Owning sharp cooking knives you should know how to use them and store them successfully. It's also important to store them safely, especially if you have children.

Here in this article, we will go through everything you need to know. Let’s find out more about stay sharp knives.

Storing correctly

Essentially, there are three different ways to store knives correctly.

  • Drawer inserts
  • Countertop blocks with knives attached
  • Magnetic strips attached to walls

Every one of these solutions is very safe storing knives, and when used correctly, these knives will last and remain sharp for a long time. Make sure not to rub the blade’s edge against any storage unit when removed or inserted. No knife should ever rest on its tip either. Let’s investigate each storage method in greater detail.

Storage in a drawer

It is one of the safest blade storage options as these sharp objects will be kept far away from children and pets. The key is not to just toss them into any empty draw - purchase inserts that are specially made for both the drawers and knives. Each blade can get their own home and will not jostle around other utensils and get blunt. When purchasing knives as presents, it’s a good idea to buy a gift box for forks and knives. These specially designed boxes ensure that your blades can go undamaged and will be sharp when presented.

Countertop storing

One can lay a block on the countertop to accommodate a wide selection of knives. Consider buying one which has a center that can allow for different knife sizes. Any blocks that have a plastic or wooden rod in the center can flex and meet various blade needs. Make sure that you slide the knife in an press the dull blade side against the block to keep the sharp edge as sharp as possible.

Storing on the wall

If you have enough space, attaching magnetic knife strips that are mounted on the walls are great ways of storing blades. First of all, they look stylish, and secondly, they save counter space. You will also be able to see each blade in its entirety, meaning that you’ll never forget where one of them has gone. Make sure that you choose a magnet that is strong enough but not so strong that it grabs it right from your hand.

A set of four cutlery knives and forks
Take a good care of your cutlery, too, to keep it clean and shiny for repeat use.

How to care for your knife

Before proceeding with storage methods, it’s essential to know how to maintain your life and keep it sharp. Make sure that it is sharpened on a regular basis, and if you don’t have this knife sharpener of your own, most delicatessens and grocery stores will be able to sharpen your plate for you. It’s also best to clean your blade by hand and avoid using the dishwasher. After cleaning, be sure to keep your knife dry as a bone before storing it away.

Everybody needs sharp knives in the kitchen

It is completely true! You wouldn’t believe how difficult any kitchen job is without one. Fortunately, now that you’ve read our guide, you’ll know how to keep knives sharp and how to take care of your blades. Stay safe and have a good time in the kitchen.

Have you got any experience with knives? Are elemental knives sharp, or should they be blunt? Please tell us in our comments section below.

Author’s bio:

Did you know that our author Joshua Sherman used to be a chef? Joshua knows everything about sharp knives and how to use them, but he has since retired from cooking and works freelance as a copywriter. He has also written to pieces on various topics for a variety of different publications and online small businesses.

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