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Easy and Cheap Ways
to Increase Your Home's Security

Take simple steps to improve your home security

If you are going on vacation, a business trip or simply want to improve your home’s security, there are a few things you can do. Some upgrades will cost a small fortune while others are cheap and practical.

In order to save money and still enhance your home’s security, certain aspects of your home have to be improved. Here’s a list of some cheap and easy-to-install home improvements which will do the trick.

Improve your home security
Your home's security can be enhanced by taking some simple steps
that don't need to cost you too much.

Motion sensors

The best way of making a burglar think twice is by turning on the light. What most people don’t realize is that their home looks even more suspicious when they leave their front porch light on for several days while enjoying their family vacation. This is an open invitation for those wanting to steal your belongings, letting them know that you’re obviously not at home. Install a motion-controlled outdoor light, which will turn on as soon as someone approaches, and turn off as that someone leaves. Add the same thing inside the house for extra protection and alertness.

Motion sensor light
An outdoor light controlled by a motion sensor is a practical way to immediately improve your home security, as no would-be a burglar likes being seen.

Alarm: ON

No Trespassing sign

Placing a few alarm signs around your home, on the gate and on the front porch will definitely alert anyone with wrong intentions. In addition to that, placing a real-time protection alarm inside your home will spice things up.

Whenever someone enters your home without entering a passcode in 10 seconds’ time, the alarm will trigger and the authorities will arrive on scene shortly.

So, even if they are stupid enough to proceed and try to steal something from you, they won’t have time to do it and will end up getting caught. Alarm systems are an inexpensive and very effective way of repelling burglars.

Raise a fence

If you haven’t got one already, perhaps now is the time to build it all around your property. Fences have been around for ages, and people don’t really seem to understand their true power. If a burglar wants to steal something, they will look for an easy target. A perimeter surrounded by high fences is definitely not an easy target. For extra protection, place metal pointy spikes on top of your fence, to stop those foolish enough to try and go over it.

Home security fence

Smart fencing is a good practical and visual way to protect your property,
especially if you can invest in a strong, spiked fence.

Replace your doors

Another way of improving your home’s security is by installing additional entrance protection. And I’m not talking about adding another door lock; instead, try replacing your doors with latest security screen doors. They are made of stainless steel mesh, incredibly durable and strong, and can withstand any burglary attempts without getting broken. On top of that, you can see who is on the other side of the door and feel comfortably safe inside. Security screen doors are also great if you enjoy watching rain or snow falling. So, they provide comfort and security, as well as a great view of the outdoors.

German shepherd guard dog
A good guard dog will never go out of fashion, as they can be an excellent
deterent and a great house pet, to play with.

Get a dog

There are probably a million reasons why everyone should get a dog. One of those reasons is a sense of security. Namely, dogs bark when someone approaches; they alert their owners that someone is at the doors, or that something is going on. If you have a guardian dog in your yard, no one will even dare to try and break into your home.

Eventually, you can cut the shrubs thus eliminating hiding spots around your home, improve the locks and even place security cameras. Make sure to properly invest in your home’s security and be carefree knowing that your home is just like you left it, safe and sound.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons and Pixabay

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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