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Utility Bills High Since Lockdown?
These 8 Tips Are at Your Aid!

How to better manage the use of utilities and appliances
around your home, for more energy efficiency

Inarguably, we all are worried about our utility bills skyrocketing since the COVID-19 crisis. From the past few months, everyone (working members as well as kids) are spending all day long at home. Hence, the need for saving energy arises, which will indirectly make financial and environmental sense.

Updating energy-efficient appliances and making some “new normal” practices would help you to solve the problem. You can even look at implementing some of these ideas if you're planning remodeling your home. Coming back to our topic, let’s dig into more energy-saving (or say cutting utility bills) tips.

A family suburban home at dusk
The COVID-19 crisis has caused family members to spend inordinate
amounts of time at home, resulting in higher utility bills since lockdown.

Stop over-adjusting your thermostat:

Many people start the thermostat at low temperature, thinking it will cool down the house faster. But the irony is, it won’t. It will rather waste the extra energy as you’re likely to adjust the temperature only after your house gets too chilled. Instead, set the temperature to the desired setting and wait for it to cool.

You can even invest in a smart thermostat as they learn your heating and cooling behaviours. And it automatically adjusts to your ideal settings. Plus, you can also save up to 15% of your energy bills.

Change your day-to-day behaviours:

No doubt, investing in energy-efficient products for your home will help you save your utility bills. But even changing your day-to-day behaviours can make a huge difference. It can be as simple as turning off lights and appliances when not in use.

Nowadays, many people would be working from home, hence saving some of your travelling time. So, you can lessen the use of some energy-intensive appliances. And perform some household chores like hang-drying your clothes instead of putting them in dryer and washing dishes by hand.

An illustration of rating home's energy efficiency
A long-term investment into making your home more energy-efficient
will pay off handsomely in the years to come with lower utility bills.

Install double-pane windows:

Believe it or not, single-pane windows are not doing any favours to your utility bills. They can leak air from cracks and gaps; even the best-sealed windows have a low insulating property. Therefore, install double-pane windows, it will create an insulating air gap that blocks heat transfer.

According to the estimates by the energy department, double-pane windows will save you around $27 to $111 annually. Hence, it might take a much longer time to earn back the cost of your initial investment in new windows. But trust us, it would be worth considering it.

Make use of smart power strips:

Do you know some of your electronic appliances consume energy even when they are not in use? And the utility company is making you pay for this energy too. The estimates say that 75% of electricity is consumed by household electronics when turned off. Therefore, they are just not wasting energy but your money too.

You can use smart power strips to eliminate the phantom loads' issue by switching off the electronics when not in use. It will detect when your device is on standby mode so that they can cut off the power and save your wallet.

Incandescent light bulbs
One of the ways to save on your electricity bill is to use LED light bulbs,
which can be up to 8 times more energy-efficient, lasting up to 10 years.

Seal your chimney systems:

In summer, you should make sure that you seal off your chimney damper when not in use. Heating and cooling can wrap them and affect their sealing task. If it is leaking, then you can hire a professional to replace it or try a chimney balloon.

In case you have one or more chimneys in your home, then you can save big money on utility bills. Sealing them off when not in use (or permanently, if you never plan to use them) can help you do your work.

Insulate your house:

Insulation helps to lessen the exchange of heat through a surface, such as a wall, attic, duct, or roof. It plays a significant role in lowering your electricity bills through retaining heat during the winter and keeping heat out during summer. Well, the insulation depends upon the area where you reside. The warmer climate region’s insulation property is pretty lower than in colder climate areas.

Furthermore, improving the insulation in older homes may lower your per year heating and cooling bill by up to 20%. You can even use the home energy saver tool for recommendations based on the specifications of your home or region.

Manage your electronics:

Nowadays, work and study from home have increased the usage of smartphones, laptops, TV, and chargers. All of these electronics use a small amount of energy that collectively adds up to an enormous expense. Therefore, manage them properly to make a real difference to the planet and your wallet.

You can take advantage of sleep modes for your computer or TV and can turn them off when you’re not using them. Additionally, set the brightness of your TV screen to automatic adjustments to your room’s brightness. Plus, once your smartphone is 100% charged, unplug them as it uses electricity even in full charge.

Many hands using smrtphones
Increased usage of various electronic devices around home
all adds up to an enormous expense to your electricity bills.

Build a smart home:

Smart homes are doing wonders in 2020. Today, you can build a home that is safer and healthier. It saves energy and heat, and that’s the reason they are environmentally friendly and cheaper to live. In a nutshell, it can save up to 30-40% of energy. Let’s see how you can turn your home smart:

• Smart home monitoring heat will track which room you’re occupying and make sure that the temperature in it is sufficiently warm when you use them.

Solar panels on your roof will connect with your smartphones and other electronics and ensure that the energy levels of your home are always optimal.

Smart home weather station monitors the weather in your area and works with your sprinkler system to tell them when to start and stop.

Switch to LED lights as they use less energy than regular light bulbs and will provide you longer service.

You can gain more knowledge on 7 home renovation and extension ideas if you’re planning to remodel your home down the road. Make your home more energy-efficient habitat.

An illustration of using tablet to regulate home temperature
Smart home monitoring heat will track which rooms are being used
and adjust the temperature accordingly, avoiding energy waste.

Seek a better urban future:

In the last few months, the whole world was at solace. Now, as a few parts of the world have reopened, the need for an eco-friendly environment has aroused. The above tips will surely help you conserve energy, the environment, as well as money. We’re sure these gains are enough to keep you motivated with the eco-friendly home concept.

By merely taking a small step towards living an energy-conscious lifestyle, you’ll be able to seek a better urban future. On this World Habitat Day (October 5), take up the responsibility to shape the future of our planet and make a better place to live.

Author Bio:

Erika Rhein, as a professional writer and blogger by profession, I write on various niches. However, I prioritise writing on blogs related to home improvement, lifestyle, etc. I always aim to provide users with useful and informative articles in an appealing format. I strive hard to achieve a difference through my writing.

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