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A Few Ways to
Supplement Your Family Budget Online

Modern technology means of supplementing family income

Supporting a family requires an ever-increasing amount of money and one often finds him or herself wishing that their family budget was a tad bit bigger. Many people solve this by taking on second or even third jobs; losing precious time with their family and putting themselves under almost inhuman pressure.

The good news is that we live in the age of technology which allows people to add to their family budget without taking on second jobs or jeopardizing too much of their free time. These new ways to make money online are handy because they can be done on one's own schedule and on when-needed basis.

Your family budget always needs help
No matter how much you earn or have at your disposal income-wise, your family budget always seems to need that extra to make your family more comfortable.


It may not seem like much of an industry, but, in fact, professional transcription is quite a lucrative business and the best thing about it is that they are always looking for new people who will be typing out from audio and video footage. This is especially true for the legal and medical industries where there is a lot of content to be put to writing. Many teachers also need to have their classes transcribed, as do many other professionals.

There are a number of companies and websites online which offer money to people who are ready to spend time listening to audio and watching video and then typing out for archiving or other purposes. Perhaps the best such website is TranscribeMe.

Testing Apps

Before an app of any kind can be launched, the developers behind it have to go through the arduous task of testing it and making sure it is functional and without bugs. Unfortunately for them, this can take a lot of time and it does not make financial sense for them to do testing on their own. Fortunately for people who are looking to add to their family budget, there are now websites where developers submit their apps to be tested.

Anyone can then run these apps and report any and all bugs that they find. In return, they can make quite a nice sum of money. It is nothing spectacular, but every bit helps when the times are hard. If you are interested in doing some app testing, the best place to go is Testbirds.


Tutoring is not an invention of the internet age. In fact, it has been around since probably before recorded history. Having the help of a tutor can be very beneficial to college students or children who are still in elementary or high school. There are also other adults who are looking to expand their horizons and learn new skills. Of course, not all areas of expertise are in same demand, but it is more likely than not that you will be in possession of certain knowledge or skills that someone might need.

Supplement your income online
Online commerce provides many interesting ways to supplement your family income, from the comfort of your home, using the skills you already have.

Nowadays, however, tutoring is somewhat changed as tutors and their clients can meet online, without the need to share a city or the area. This allows tutors to have access to far more clients and it also ensures that those who need tutoring can always find a suitable tutor. Chegg is probably the best website that puts together tutors and those in need of tutoring.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are probably the simplest way for people to make some money since they require minimal work. In essence, you create a profile on one of these websites and fill in your personal details. Then, they either email you surveys that you qualify for or you can find them yourself on the website. These surveys can be about all kinds of things, from new products, your political opinions, new services, businesses, etc.

For each survey that you do, you are being paid, in most cases via PayPal, although some survey websites also pay their survey takers in coupons and credit to online shops. In addition to this, the best paid survey websites also have regular draws where their survey takers can win big cash prizes. You will not exactly be able to make a living doing surveys, but it is definitely a way to make a few bucks here and there. If you are interested, the best such website is Opinion Outpost.

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