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A Quick Guide To Cutting Your Family Bills

Useful tips on how to cut household budget

We all know the feeling. The end of the month is looming, and the bills are stacking up. The money just isn’t adding up. Your outgoings are larger than your incomings! That means more money on the credit card and more bills through the letterbox. Raising a family is hard enough, without the shadow of debt and bills hanging over you.

Today, we’re going to show you some of the best tricks and techniques to cut your family bills. Hopefully, we’ll free up some much-needed cash at the end of this month for you! Save enough, and you might even afford that family holiday you’ve always wanted, on your new household budget.

Cutting your household budget
By cutting your family bills, you will save more money to be able to afford other things you want or your family needs. (Image:

Change your energy supplier

Many families tend to stay with the same energy suppliers out of a misguided loyalty. It no longer pays to stay with the same company, as they all cycle their offers and discounts. So, rather than sticking with your same expensive bill, look for a cheaper alternative. We recently switched to Click Energy and cut our outgoings. Take advantage of whichever company is offering the best introductory offer at this point in time. Next year, you can switch again!

Change your car

If you own a family car, you know how expensive it is! Cars drain the family budget like nothing else. The monthly loan repayments or lease is a struggle in itself. Then you’ve got petrol costs, tax, insurance and parking to consider. You can reduce all of these outgoings by changing the car you drive. Opt for a car with better fuel economy and a lower insurance bracket. A smaller car will also incur lower lease payments. That’s three bills instantly cut down.

Online discounts and money-back sites

Before you buy anything online, always look for a coupon or discount. There are plenty of sites out there that specialise in online discounts. Even a small discount on big purchases can have an impact on your overall costs. Next, look for money-back websites. They give you up to 40% back on purchases like insurance, holidays, and household items. Don’t ask us how they work, but it’s well worth taking advantage!

Purchase online for discounts
Shop online for coupons and discount websites to further save on your household purchases, leaving your more money to spend or save. (Image:

Cut back on usage (for everything!)

Now, we know this is easier said than done. But the more places you can cut back, the more you’ll save in your family budget. Make sure you’re turning off lights and appliances throughout the home. Studies show that this saves up to a third on energy bills. That might not sound like much, but if you can make similar savings elsewhere, that’s a big impact. Try and cut down on using the car and your phone.

Rethink how you pay your bills

We instinctively pay our bills on a month by month basis. But, did you know that you’ll get a much better deal when you pay the full amount upfront? We know that families can’t always afford a big cost like this. But, if you can gather the cash together, try to pay certain bills all at once. Finally, never let bills roll-over. You’ll pay much more in interest, and make things harder for yourself.

Following this advice, you’ll shave plenty off your outgoings. Remember, small savings add up to a big difference over the course of a year.

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