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The Budding Florist:
An Online Guide to Flowers and Gardening

You do not need a college degree in botany to be able to enjoy the benefits of gardening. Budding florists around the world just need the right resources to help them fashion a garden that adds beauty and tranquility to their lives. A garden is a very personal endeavor and the only one who needs to be able enjoy your garden is you.

When you take the time to understand the basics of growing flowers and tending a garden, then you can let your creativity take over and develop something that you can truly be proud of. It can be a wondrous thing to watch a flower bloom from a seed, and it can be even more wonderful when you combine the colors and fragrances of various flowers into your own personal garden.

Colourful autumn flowers in garden
Creating your own personal flower garden will give you hours of joy, as you choose and combine different variety of flowers and plants.

The Stages of the Flower Life Cycle

In order to be able to properly grow any flower, you need to understand its complete life cycle. That means that you need to understand the best time of year to grow each flower and find out what types of environmental elements can stop a plant from growing. Studying the life cycle of any plant can be interesting and it can also give you the information you need to grow beautiful and healthy plants.

Spring Primula flowers in garden
Garden Primula flower is cultivated on banks and edges for their ornamental value

The Study of Plants and Flowers:
A Botany Guide for Kids and Students

Teaching children to start their own garden is an excellent way to get them interested in nature. Kids are always fascinated with the process of watching anything grow. You can help your child to develop a strong sense of pride when you help them to create their own garden.

How to Start a Garden

If you are new to growing plants and maintaining a garden, then you probably have no idea where to begin. How do you choose the perfect spot for your garden? What types of materials do you need to ensure that your plants will grow healthy? It is important to understand the very basics of starting a garden before you put your first plant in the ground.

An assortment of cultivated flowers
Colourful tulips are amongst the most recognizable flowers, appreciated for their showy beauty.

An Indoor Gardening Guide for Flowers, Herbs, and More

While there are many people around the world who have nice backyards they can use to start their own garden, there are just as many people who do not have a yard for their garden. Apartment dwellers and people who live on small city lots do not have the ability to go into a backyard and start a garden. That is why the idea of indoor gardening was created and you can develop an indoor garden that is just as much fun as anything that can be grown outdoors.

Kids Guide to the Parts of a Flower

A big part of getting children to understand gardening is helping them to understand the flowers themselves. Take the time to teach your children about the parts of a flower and your children will develop a new respect for plants that will translate into a carefully developed garden. Once kids understand flowers, it will be difficult to stop them from going out and starting a garden of their own.

  • Choosing a Nature Activity - The Exordium Adventure website gives advice on how anyone can enjoy nature and get involved in gardening.
  • Rose Flower Anatomy - This is a colorful slideshow that identifies the different parts of a rose in a way that is easy to understand.
Bouquets of flowers on display at florist shop
A variety of flowers on display at florist shop, including tulips, daisies, roses, etc.

General Floral Resources

Whenever a florist or a flower delivery company has a question, it is good to have resources that are easy to understand and readily available. A good list of general floral resources can be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to start their own garden, and for the people who may want to take that garden to the next step and grow flowers to sell to customers.

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