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Keep Snakes Away with These Plants

How to repel snakes with plants

Marigold plant flower
Besides being a beautiful flower to have in your garden, marigold plant is also
one of plants that repels snakes, when you crush its leaves.
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Snakes are one of the beneficial animals that can keep pest such as rats and mice under control. However, most individuals prefer to keep them away from their respective home due to its risk especially if there’s a child or pets like cats or dogs.

Fear of Snakes

There are two types of snakes, the venomous and nonvenomous. Both can be a problem since they can bite but the venomous one can post more danger than nonvenomous. In general, snakes want nothing to do with us. Humans are too big, and we can easily crush them, so they usually avoid us. However, if they were surprised or feel threatened, they will attack and bite.

Most people are afraid of it. These individuals mainly have a “fear of snakes” or Ophidiophobia. People suffering from these conditions are always looking for a way to prevent the snakes from entering their house or even killing them.

How to Repel Snakes

Using a snake repellent to prevent them from entering your home or yard can be a fast solution, but these are not effective in the long run. You need to keep on using it regularly. For that reason, this method is not budget-friendly, and sometimes, they do not work at all. Snake repellent can also pose a risk to our health since they are made from chemicals.

An alternative method to the chemical repellent is using plants that repel snakes. They do not harm the snakes but will only prevent them from coming around. This method is also eco-friendly so planting them around your yard or house is a good option, especially if you are health conscious.

This method is not only good for keeping snakes away from your garden or home.

These plants are also effective for repelling spiders, mosquitoes, flies or other pests from your yard due to its strong scent. In this way, you can cut the food source of snakes so the chances of having them in your garden will drastically decrease.

List of Plants That Can Be Planted in Your Yard to Naturally Repel Snakes

Here, you can find some of the best plants that will repel snakes naturally.


Lavender is an herb which is very popular around the world due to its beauty and benefits. They are commonly used as an air freshener because of its aroma. Insects and pest generally don’t go around this plant. Snakes are not an exception.


This plant is the main ingredients of mosquito repellent which is commonly sold in the market. Snakes cannot tolerate the strong citrus-like smell of this plant. It requires a little care and maintenance so basically; you can plant and forget it if you decided to put this in your garden.

 Green Chiretta

Another plant that hated by snakes is the Green Chiretta. Also known as the “King of Bitters” due to its very bitter taste. The roots and leaves of this herb are commonly used as a medicine to treat diabetes and other infection. Some studies also show that this plant has an anti-venom property.

 Society Garlic

This beautiful plant is popular among the gardens. It can tolerate the strong heat of summer and drought. Besides that, the crushed leaves of this plant can be used to treat a headache and, infection of the sinus. The bulbs of this plant can be boiled and taken orally to kill the intestinal worms. The smell of society garlic is also good on deterring the snakes since they don’t like it. So, planting it around your house can create a strong barrier against them.


In some parts of the world, they are called Felon herb, Wild Wormwood, or Old Uncle Henry. This herb is considered an invasive weed in some places. You can almost see them anywhere like the roadside or even in the waste places. They are aggressive and grow fast that can take over your garden if you don’t trim and prune them regularly. Despite that, this plant is very good for keeping away the snakes due to its strong odor. Wormwood also has a medicinal property that can be used to treat gall bladder, liver disease, intestinal parasite infection, fever and many more.


There’s no doubt that this plant has a beautiful flower that will make your garden more attractive. However, when you crushed its leaves, it releases an unpleasant odor that snakes and insects won’t be able to tolerate. If you’re planning on getting this, you can easily find it in the garden stores due to its popularity. Just make sure you give them full sunlight since they thrive well in it.

Final Thoughts

This is the natural way of repelling the snakes from entering your home or garden. So instead of using a chemical repellent that can be harmful to your family’s health, you should consider planting one or all of the above. In case you have a question, you can leave us your comment below, and we’ll be right back to you.

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