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Tips for gardening at home

A house without a garden gives you a sense that something is missing or incomplete. Beautiful home garden, even a small one, will add much more to your home. But gardening at home can also give you a special pleasure to relax and enjoy your ability to create something so beautiful and alive, while being in touch with nature. Here are some helpful tips for gardening at home and for creating your own home garden.

  Tips for Home Garden

Best Tools to Have in Your Garage

Best Tools to Have in Garage

Unless you have a garden shed, your garage serves not only to keep your car in there, but also for many other purposes. And when you're doing things in garage, you usually need many hand and power tools. We have selected 6 best tools that you should have in garage.

DIY Gardening Tips and Tricks

DIY Gardening Tips and Tricks

Today when technology is playing an increasing role in our lives, it's becoming ever more important to preserve our links with nature. One of the best ways to maintain our ties with nature is via home gardening. Here are tips for do-it-yourself gardening at home.

Fall Preparations for Garden

Fall Preparations for Your Garden

In this era of mass-grown and produce food, there's nothing more satisfying than having homegrown fruit, vegies and herbs as part of your daily nutrition. But you have to grow your garden with your two hands, which includes harvesting and preparing garden in the fall.

Fix Up Your Garden Issues

Fix Up Your Garden Issues

When you are a grownup, there's so much to do around your home and garden. The house has to be clean and tiday, your family well fed, and of course your garden has to look good. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get those garden issues fixed up.

Garden Ideas for Entertaining

Garden Ideas for Entertaining

If you regularly tend to your garden, you know how the garden will look fresh and lush, giving you a sense of pride in keeping it that way. Take it a step further and turn it into an entertaining area. Here are some ideas on how to make your garden a great place for entertaining.

Garden Shed Storage Space

Garden Shed Storage Space

When you have a garden shed and continue to buy more things and tools that you think are needed, your shed space starts to shrink. Before you know, you're leaving some of garden tools and machines outside. Here are a few smart ways to increase your garden shed capacity.

How to Grow Green and Lush Lawn

Grow Green and Lush Lawn

One of your home's great assets is your lawn. But it needs to be properly cared for, to prevent it from becoming an eyesore. We've listed five questions and answers that provide a quick guide to keeping your lawn look green and lush.

Guide to Building a Dog House

Guide to Building a Dog House

If you are keeping your dog in backyard, it's only natural that you want to protect it against the elements. This is best done by building a dog house. It sounds simple enough, but it takes some skill to do so. Here's an easy guide to build a dog house for your favourite pet.

Guide to Florists and Flowers

Guide to Florists and Flowers

It doesn't require a college degree in botany to enjoy the benefits of gardening. All you need is some genuine interest in the gardening and an easy access to the right resources, that will help you fashion a garden that will add beauty to your home and make you proud.

Help Garden Survive Winter

Help Your Garden Survive Winter

Well before the first winter frosts and those chilly winds start to appear, you need to prepare your garden plants to be ready to survive another winter season. Out with the old plants and prepare them for the next spring growth. Here are handy tips to prepare your garden for winter.

Install Decking in Your Garden

Install Decking in Your Garden

Installing a new decking adjacent to your home or in your garden is a great way to add a wow factor and more kerb appeal to your home. New deck can change your house from plain looks to looking amazing. Follow some points to get the ideal decking for your home.

Keep Snakes Away With These Plants

Keep Snakes Away With Plants

While some snakes can be beneficial by keeping pests such as rats and mice under control, they can also pose a risk to your children and your pets. Plus, many people suffer from the common fear of snakes. One of the ways to repel snakes is to plant different plants in garden.

Keep Your Garden Presentable

Keep Your Garden Presentable

A lot of homeowners overlook the garden, when it comes to keeping home look presentable. When a garden is a mess, it shows. But with a little effort and some tips, your home garden can be made presentable. In turn, this will improve the looks and the value of your home.

Landscaping With Children

Landscaping With Your Children

With the arrival of the Spring, it's time to get out and enjoy your home garden, as you start designing it for another year. To make it more interesting, get your kids involved in landscaping and the design of your garden. They love doing adult jobs and making their own playground.

Make Your Yard Look Bigger

Make Your Yard Look Bigger

Every house usually has a back yard, but not all of them are big enough. Redesigning a small yard space can help, but you have to use some clever ideas to make it work. Here are some ways to make your back yard look bigger and get more space while landscaping it.

Home garden essentials

To create a home garden, essentials include a clear area, a bench or hammock, shade and light and flowers and plants for inspiration and beauty. Think of colors, shapes, contrast and scents.

Create a vibrant lawn

Start by clearing out debris, sticks, stones and weeds. A vibrant lawn sets the stage. For mowing larger areas, a zero-turn rider, which will reduce time and effort. You can go forward, backward and cut around landscaping and trees.

A lawn tractor can help quickly mow and mulch and haul materials. A string trimmer trims under and around bushes, trees and fences. Tillers create rich, workable soil by cutting into it and turning under vegetation and compost.

Home garden setting with lush plants and outdoor furniture
Create a garden at your home that will be your own sanctuary, where
you can get away from your daily concerns, for some peace and quiet.

Flowers and plants

Consider whether you want to spend more time reading or gardening, and choose high- or low- maintenance flowers and plants. For privacy and quiet, try a hedge or screen of ivy.

A border of flowers, plants, stones or shrubs can set off your outdoor "reading and relaxing room." If there's no tree for shade, try taller shrubs, bushes or ivy on a trellis.

Finally, find time to rest and relax in your home garden. Keep it well maintained and it will become your own sanctuary, your own piece of haven on earth.