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With some 350 pages of great articles and guest posts, our site provides valuable information, advice, tips and suggestions on home and family related matters.

But we also offer some extra information from outside sources, who provide valuable resources on their sites. To help you quickly find these resources, we have listed here shortcuts to that information on our site.

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Home and Family Resources

Money Saving Tips for Students - Going to school is one thing, while going to college is quite another. It's far more financially demanding, as you start to face the real world on monetary terms. To help you out, get this Money Saving Tips guide from our Exam Revisions page.

Moving Guide for Single Parents - Moving is complicated in itself for any family and even more so for a single-parent family. Single parents often have to work twice as hard to get things done. Get this helpful guide on our Moving Your House page.

Helping Your Kids Own a Home - It's every parent's wish to help their kids get a better head start in their life, than their own. This includes helping them get a home of their own. On Family Home page you will find access to Helping Your Child Buy a Home guide.

Earth Sheltered Homes - On our Family Home page you will find a couple of posts on the eco-friendly homes theme. This new resource provides an infographic on Earth-Sheltered Homes and their advantages.

Home Pool Safety - Your home pool safety is essential, especially when you have small children. It's important to know what to do in a drowning situation, where Home Pool Safety guide can help, found on Child Safety page.

Sleep Resources - The sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. It affects everything we do during the course of the day and what we do will also affect quality of our sleep. Find link to useful sleep resources on Family Health Care page.

The Rubbish Taxi - If you are living in Australia and looking to clean up around your home, or declutter some of the rooms, the Rubbish Taxi team will help you and even do all of the job. More details on House Cleaning page.

Mesothelioma Information and Guides - Caused by asbestos fibres, Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer that still affects many people. On our Family Health Care page you will find two resources for Mesothelioma information and legal and medical help.

Better Home Living Information - Creating a better family home is everybody's goal. This includes more comfort inside your home, as well as better connectivity to the world. The two guides on Family Home page provide info on managing humidity levels in the home and how to turn your home into a smart home.

Safe Family Holidays - Going on a family vacation is an exciting adventure that's great for the entire family. But in order to enjoy your vacation, it's important to pay attention to safety and help those who might need assistance. The two guides on our Family Vacation page provide more information on car seat safety for children and practical advice for traveling and flying for people with disability.

Back to Schoold Guides 2020 - Family Living Today is a resource site for families living healthy and active lifestyles, who want their kids to be happy, healthy, and ready to knock this school year out of the park. They've written at length on everything from choosing school lunch supplies to finding teaching opportunities for life skills at home. Get the full information on the Studying Tips page.

How to Make Your Bedroom Great for Sleep - If there is one place where you need peace and quiet at your home, it's your bedroom. A good night of sleep makes everything else function easier. For that, you need good bedding products and mattresses. Take a look at some of the product review guides on Bedroom Ideas page.

Room Colours Psychology Preview - You might be already familiar with the fact that different colours of your rooms will affect your mood in different ways. Colours play an important part in our psychology. This guide and inforgraphic on Family Home page helps you understand better the psychology of colours.

Best Homeowners Insurance Guide - For your home and content protection you need to have home insurance coverage of the right type and level of coverage. After thoroughly researching more than 20 home insurance companies, this guide provides the top 10 home insurers. You can find it on the Family Home page.

Best Mortgage Rates Guide - Long-term mortgage rates are currently at a record low level, making home ownership ever more appealing. But choosing the right lender can take time. Save yourself hours of research by perusing this guide to the best mortgage rates in 2020, linked to on our Family Home page.