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Give Your Garden a Complete Makeover with These Wooden Furniture Designs

Choosing the material for your garden wooden furniture

Houses with gardens have always mesmerized. Gardens are open spaces where one can relax with a book or chill out with friends. It is a place where one can be close to nature. A garden’s real beauty lies in the furniture used. The garden can be transformed into the perfect outdoor living space by putting up suitable furniture for relaxing, dining or pursuing other activities.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the material for the furniture garden. However, the best option is to go along with wood as wooden furniture in the garden adds to its value, d├ęcor and style. Wood is considered the best choice for garden furniture for the benefits that it provides.

However, since there are several choices amongst the wood furniture as well, there is a need to know the pros and cons of different types of wood furniture. Besides the type of wood, there are some other factors that must be considered when looking for garden wooden furniture:

Types of Wood Furniture

Garden deck made of teak

Teak: teak is considered to be the best quality wood that is appropriate for garden furniture. Teak is highly durable and has a uniqueness and originality of its own. The wood is perfect for outdoor furniture as it is virtually rot-free due to the oils and chemicals that it contains.

Both new and reclaimed teak may be used in garden furniture. However, recycled or reclaimed teak is the perfect choice. A very big advantage of using teak wooden furniture for the outdoors is that the wood can endure harsh weather conditions. While the maintenance of teak furniture is the minimum, its elegance and style is the best.

Garden wooden chair
Eucalyptus: after teak, eucalyptus is the next best wood that may be used for garden furniture. Being a hard wood, eucalyptus too is rot-free. It has certain oils that keep it safe from rotting. Having an attractive finish, wood furniture made of eucalyptus wood adds value to the garden beautifying it immensely.

Shorea: this is another type of wood, quite similar to teak that may be used for garden furniture. The wood has the capability to bear harsh weather conditions while remaining resistant to mold and termite. While the cost of Shorea is less than that of teak, it is equally good and long lasting. However, the only concern with Shorea is that it tends to fade quickly.

Pine and Oak: these are other types of wood that give a complete makeover to the garden. They are highly aesthetic but require considerable maintenance as they are susceptible to damage under extreme weather conditions like sun and rain.

Garden furniture set made of wicker
Wicker Furniture: the wicker furniture is the latest furniture for outdoor spaces like gardens and is becoming increasingly popular for its style. Wicker furniture is a mesh of wooden threads that are woven together to form a hard surface. Available in various styles, putting up the wicker furniture in the garden is a very good idea.

Choosing the Right Size

When choosing garden furniture to give it a complete makeover, one needs to consider the style of the furniture so that it blends well with the garden. One may choose from folding designs that are sleek and provide space when required. Such furniture can be tucked away neatly when not in use. Stacking designs of furniture can also be a good choice as one can get as much space as required. Materials can be mixed together to create a more stylish outdoor space. Aluminum and teak may be combined to give a contemporary look to the garden.

Basic garden furniture setting made from wood
Sometime even the most basic garden furniture setting can provide a great and cosy atmosphere in your garden.

Maintenance of Wood Garden Furniture

While wooden furniture in the garden adds to its value, it is equally important to pay attention to the maintenance of the said furniture. Teak is a self-correction type of wood. The inherent qualities of teak keep it away from rotting or decaying. The wood is resistant to molds and fungi and therefore, lasts for a long time. Eucalyptus is another wood that needs little maintenance.

Whatever the choice of wood, one must remember that each wood has its own qualities and pros and cons. While some may be liked for their durability, others might be liked for their style and uniqueness. There may be still others that choose garden furniture depending upon the maintenance required. So, the factors that might be considered while choosing particular-styled wood usually depend upon one’s taste and budget. Nevertheless, the wood furniture is sure to give a complete makeover to the garden. One may check out the internet for more designs as most dealers portray a large variety of such furniture.

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