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What Furniture and Gear Do You Need for the Perfect Summer Garden Party?

Make your party guests happy and comfortable

Summer parties can be one of the greatest ways to socialise when the weather gets hot. Sultry evenings spent with friends in your garden enjoying good food, drink and conversation can make for some of the high points of the year, so it is worth going the extra mile to make sure your own summer parties are just right.

Keeping your guests mostly outdoors is a good idea, because it means less tidying up afterwards and also allows them all to make the most of a warm evening; but to keep them happy and comfortable you are going to need to ensure your patio, garden deck or summer house is well furnished. The places you offer your guests to relax at your party are almost as important as the food you serve, so here are some ideas to help you offer people the best possible time.

Wooden garden furniture attractive, comfortable and easy to handle for your summer garden party.

Seats and Tables

Seats and tables are, of course, absolutely essential to a good garden party. You may need more furniture than you have currently got for your own use, so you will want things that look elegant but are easy to clear away. This means that you won't have to have the tables and chairs for your party there at all times, but can offer your guests a nice place to rest their food and drinks.

Metal or wooden garden furniture is generally more attractive and comfortable than plastic, so to create a beautiful look for your party you should go for matching suites of fold-up wood or metal tables and chairs, which you can buy cheaply second hand. This will make your deck, lawn or patio look well organised and appealing for when your guests arrive.


Another way you can make your summer party look and feel better for your friends is to invest in some gas-powered patio heaters. These give off a gentle heat that can make your party last well into the night, and can also help you keep things going outdoors even if the weather is unexpectedly chilly (which, as we all know, is something of a risk during the 'Great British summertime').

Patio heaters can be bought or hired and are generally easy to put together and run, so if you expect to keep your party running until late into the night or are holding it during the early or late parts of the summer when the weather is less predictable. You could always consider having your party move into a garden room once it starts getting dark. Garden Spaces is a good website to check out for more information on these rooms.

Garden house with entertainment area
With a little imagination and some work, your garden can become a great area to entertain, or just spend some time with your family outdoors at home.


Light, like heat, can allow you to keep your party comfortable and enjoyable long after the sun has set. If you already have a lot of good lighting outside, then all you need to consider is when you want to start using it and which lights to use to create the right mood - too bright may be great for you for reading outside in the evening but may not be the soft kind of light you want to socialise by. If you are looking for new lighting for your party, think more of the mood it will create than anything. It is better for guests to enjoy gentle fairy lights than to feel they are in an artificially bright, fluorescent environment.

Setting up your garden for a party does take a little preparation, but it is well worth getting it right. Look out for good deals on lighting, heaters and furniture and plan the perfect party today!

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