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How to Create an Outdoor Entertaining Space with Garden Furniture

Make your garden look welcoming with stylish furniture

As devoted homeowners we all want to have beautiful backyards. The outside space of our homes should be comfortable, engaging, and soothing for the entire family. To create an entertaining space and make our gardens look welcoming, we need suitable garden furniture.

Some of the most common material types are: wicker, rattan, cast iron, synthetics, ipe wood, teak, or wrought iron. As far as design is concerned, it’s up to the homeowner to choose the type of furniture that best compliments his lively garden.

Welcoming in garden
Make your guests feel welcome in the garden with stylish furniture
and appropriate entertainment set up.

Resin wicker aka all-weather garden furniture

Garden furniture made of natural wicker is obtained from rattan or bamboo, while all-weather wicker is made of resin, and can be easily turned into pieces similar to vine so that they can look like natural materials. All-weather wicker is usually wrapped around aluminum or steel frames that are very durable, don’t warp, and are unlikely to come unglued.

Wicker is perfect for country-style, rustic, or cozy gardens. It’s lightweight, versatile, and it comes in a variety of shades and models. Apart from the conventional black colors, you can always go for beige or white. The popularity of wicker will never go away, especially now that manufacturers have started to come up with such innovative design ideas for the furniture pieces.

Garden furniture set made of wicker
An outdoor furniture set made from wicker is durable and unlikely to get unglued.

Cast Iron Furniture

Cast iron furniture is very heavy, and that’s why it appears in several formal garden settings, including the White House. Cast iron is a very old metal used in outdoor ornaments and construction for centuries. It cannot be worked, stretched, bent, or wrought, so people love it for its durability. Besides, it’s affordable and it’s a perfect material for your garden furniture.

Cast iron garden furniture
Cast iron furniture can be ideal for your garden setting, giving it an ornamental look.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Unlike cast iron, wrought iron furniture is lighter and easier to manipulate, weld and bend. The production of wrought iron furniture started in the 19th century, when people’s demand for porch and patio furniture increased significantly. This type of furniture goes perfectly well in your patio, as long as it’s painted or provided with a coat of zinc to prevent it from rusting.

Ipe Wood Furniture

You may not know, but ipe (pronounced eee-pay) is a type of hardwood found in several Brazilian rainforests. People’s interest in ipe wood has risen as soon as scientists proved that it’s harder than nails. Actually, ipe wood pieces cannot be connected unless the wood is predrilled first: that’s how dense it is.

Most people have turned to ipe wood because it is said to last at least 25 years outdoors. Besides, it contains 100% natural wood and it is eco-friendly, as well as pest, weather, fire, and mold-resistant. If you’re looking fond of the minimalist style and you want your garden to look chic, ipe furniture is an excellent solution.

Garden funiture for entertaining
A little less expensive, but equally appealing garden set with aluminum table.

Aluminum – give a vintage appeal to your garden

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials used for garden furniture. Unlike the above mentioned types, it is considered a lot cheaper yet equally interesting and resistant to harsh weather conditions. The market is packed with garden furniture made of aluminum, so it’s up to you to perform a thorough analysis and decide on the models that best suit your requirements.

Mixed materials

Some homeowners simply can’t decide on a material for their garden furniture design. Hence, the solution is to opt for mixed materials. The end result will probably be a contemporary garden design with a twist. Combine wrought iron chairs with a teak table in the middle, or invest in wicker furniture with glass tables. To add a bit of more flair to your design, you can always opt for furniture that uses different types of materials such as metal and wood for example.

There are so many ways to add flair to your garden, and it’s extremely important to be original. Opt for quality furniture pieces, think of unusual combinations, and make your space look innovative and interesting. A lot of homeowners want gardens with practical furniture, so if your space is limited you can always invest in multi-purpose furniture.

As far as the colors are concerned, the variety you have available is endless. Whether you want to opt for classic wicker shades or you’d rather invest in wrought iron pieces to make your garden vintage-like, don’t forget to think big as the goal is to make your space both comfortable and stylish.

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