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Family Vacation

Tips for planning a family vacation

A family vacation is an exciting event that can help you release the stress of the entire year. You can spend time relaxing as well as spend quality time with your family. Your children will love the adventure and will have memories that they will never forget. A family vacation can be expensive however. Instead of skipping out on a vacation altogether because of the price, you might want to just consider using these tips to make the trip affordable.

  Family Vacation Tips and Destinations

Buying and Maintaining a Minivan

Buying and Maintaining a Minivan

When you have a family, owning and maintaining a car is a necessity and costly. With so many autos available on the market these days, it can be hard to make to choose the right vehicle. Here are some reasons why a minivan could be the right choice for your family's travel needs.

Choosing the Ideal Pet Friendly Hotel

Choosing Ideal Pet Friendly Hotel

When you have pets, you have to take extra care when taking them on your family holiday. You might have to search for pet friendly hotels or other accommodation that will allow you to take proper care of your pets when on holidays, including pets-friendly beaches.

Family Beach Vacations in USA

Family Beach Vacations in USA

The US offers a diverse choice of great beach holiday destinations for your family vacation, that attract both local and international visitors. Here's our list of top ten beach destinations suited for your family vacations across the USA.

Family Day Outdoor Adventures

Family Day Outdoor Adventures

Spending time with your family outdoors provides for a great adventure. Your kids can learn and experience new things, it's a healthy way to escape your daily routine, and a great way to recharge batteries for the whole family. Here are five ideas for a family outdoor adventure.

Family Vacation on a Budget

Family Vacation on a Budget

Planning a family vacation can be a daunting task, especially if your lack the necessary tips for budget planning. Our tips should help you plan your family vacation for a maximum enjoyment, while staying within your designated holiday budget.

Fun With Your Kids in Florida

Fun With Your Kids in Florida

Vacationing with your family can be a very satisfying experience, although it can be also demanding and complicated. Of course, when you are traveling with family you also have to watch your budget. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for Florida family trip.

How to Travel Safely With Kids

How to Travel Safely With Your Kids

On one hand traveling is fun, as you anticipate all the fun you're going to have on your holiday. On the other, it can be stressful, having to change your usual surroundings. When you're traveling with your children, the main thing though is to make sure they feel safe.

Planning a Family Vacation

Planning a Family Vacation

Whether you have a small or large family, going on a vacation can be a stressful experience. There are many things to consider, making vacation a torture, instead of a relaxed holiday. But it needn't be so. Here are 3 often neglected points of planning a family vacation.

Prepare Home Before Vacation

Prepare Home Before Vacation

Going on your family vacation can be a long-awaited fun occasion. But in order to enjoy yourselves fully and care free, it's necessary to take important steps and prepare your home before you leave. Here's a rough guide to preparing your home before vacation.

Stay in Touch with Family Abroad

Stay in Touch with Family Abroad

Modern, fast travel makes it easy to be abroad living, studying or working, without breaking family bonds. You may not be able to see your family in person so often, but you can stay in touch with them using emails and texting to the likes of Skype and social networks.

The Perfect Family Excursion

The Perfect Family Excursion

Taking a road trip has always been one of the best things to do for your family. Such a road journey will bring family closer together and provide all with some happy and wonderful memories. Here are some parent tips for taking your family on a road trip.

Unusual Family Holiday Fun Ideas

Unusual Family Holiday Fun Ideas

It's a tough thing for parents to organize a family holiday that everyone will like, given different tastes and likes each child will have. Instead of trying to please everyone, try something unusual. Here are a few holiday ideas for a fun family holiday in different destinations.

Family vacation tips

1. Plan your vacation

The first thing you will want to do is pre-plan. The best trips are those that you know won’t cost you more than you bring. Look for hotel discounts when you book early. Try traveling right before or right after the peak seasons. The weather will still be great and the prices will be much lower than in the peak seasons.

2. Consider food costs

Another thing you can consider is your food costs. Many family hotels will offer plans that allow your children to eat free. If you have quite a large family, this can save you a bundle. Choose a hotel with several restaurants to choose from and you will always stay full and within your budget.

3. What about camping?

If you can’t find the room in your budget for a hotel room, consider taking the kids camping for a week. This can be a wonderful way to spend time in nature and with each other. Camping can be a blast for children. Teens don’t usually like it as much, but you and your family will build memories for a lifetime.

4. Stay within your budget

As you can see, a family vacation can fall within your budget if you plan ahead. It is when you jump in the car without a plan that things tend to get expensive. Planning your family vacation will save you thousands of dollars and allow you to have the best time possible on your budget.

Children's vacation fun on the beach
Plan your family vacation well for a relaxing holiday and watching your children's beach holiday fun with a peace of mind.


Motion Sickness Remedies

If you are a traveller or going on a family vacation trip, you might be interested in our latest Guide to Motion Sickness Remedies. All 11 of the cures listed are backed by scientific research, and they’re totally natural!

We broke the guide down into two categories: consumption methods, or things you can eat, drink, or smell to ward off motion sickness; and actions, like breathing techniques and acupressure hacks.

(For instance, did you know there’s a pressure point on your wrist
that you can use to combat nausea?)

You can see the rest of our tips in infographic form here:

Massage your P-6 pressure point illustration

Car Seat Safety

Going on a family vacation is one of the most exciting adventures for a family. But one of the most important things to be mindful of is getting there and back safe. This is particularly important for your children.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 1-13 and many of those deaths could have been avoided with simple adjustments in car seat installation and child placement.

Teens4Safety have created Car Seat Safety Guide, to help families avoid travel disasters, as well as to make the roads a little safer for us all. The guide shows how to make your children safe and secure in their car seats, incorporating charts and graphics for better visual learning.

Guide to Flying with Disability

People with disabilities often face difficulties when trying to fly. More than half of them have reported difficulties when accessing airports and trying to fly. One third were unhappy with the help offered at airports.

Did you know that daily 26 wheelchairs are damaged across the world? Many of these can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace.

This guide gives the practical advice on the best places to visit as a disabled holidaymaker, how to book a hotel room right for you, and how to get special assistant on your flight if needed. Plus much more...

Get the Flying With Disability guide here.