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Living Room Decorating Ideas

How to decorate your living room

Most people spend great parts of their day in the living room. It is a room that should be warm and cozy for you to spend time with your close ones or simply relax and watch a game or a TV show. Interior design is not really a piece of cake and all spaces basically present design challenges, but if you wish to do it yourself and are willing to put some effort into doing it right, then everything is possible. It will also save you some precious time and expand your knowledge about designing interior spaces. Before you start decorating, you would probably want to lay out some ideas, instead of doing everything on the go and risking to make foolish mistakes. Here are some suggestions and possible ways to decorate your living room.

Living room area with high ceiling

Subtle Patterns

The room can gather its energy from patterns that are created from textures entirely, and are more subtle that the tone-on-tone ones. Leave the pattern at the windows non-textured (a tone-on-tone), and think about adding patterns on your wing chairs, club chairs, fauteuil, and sofa. Try going with a beige fabric with diamond motifs (woven) and a taupe velvet cut that creates a swirl pattern. Add a herringbone pattern to the brick firebox inside the fireplace. The design is elegant and quiet.

Modern living room with large windows

Modern Mix

Going modern means going eclectic. But one must be careful not to mix things too hard, but find the right balance. Consider adding interesting leather armchairs, cardboard chairs, or a kind of an old Lucite chair, and pair vintage furniture from the mid-1900 with newer designs. Go with lighter furniture colors such as beige or, and contrast it with a thin square-patterned carpet. Give a chance to ice-blue walls and traditional toile draperies. If the floors are wooden, then there is no need for the carpets to stand out, but a few simple short rugs will be enough just to complement the floor.

A large rug featured in living room


Enrich the premise with unique accessories that could add liveliness to your room. Search some flea markets, craft shows and nearby garage sales. You will be surprised when you see all the interesting things that others are trying to get rid of. Look for artifacts, lamps, bookcases, framed posters, vintage coffee tables, or a rocking chair. Repair, refurnish and reuse.

Wall decor features


If you are blessed with enough light coming through you living room windows, the right decision when decorating means leaving things intact. With an abundance of light, keep the windows undressed, implement dark wood accents, and enhance the airines with a monochromatic palette of pearl and sand. Consider putting some nice French or large sliding doors.

An airy, bight living room, with a rug

Natural Beauty

Decorate your living room literally with life – add plants and fill the empty corners of your living space. Small trees, plants or flora, along with plenty of natural light, are certainly going to enhance the atmosphere and add some natural beauty to it.

Bold wallpaper feature

What About The Ceiling?

You can make a huge impact by painting your living room ceiling in a slightly different color. It will give the room a sense of whimsy and make it look bigger. The other solution is installing an interesting light fixture that will give your living room instant personality. You can also add some style to the room by adding pattern to your ceiling. The best way to do it is to match the pattern with the one on the rug or the fabric, so it harmonizes, but does not detracts from the rest of the room.

Living room with fireplace

With a bit of matching, right color and pattern complementation, and an interesting choice of furniture, your living room can be well-designed in no time. Do not start before knowing what you really want and how you plan to make the plans come true.

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Diana Smith

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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