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How To Create A Cosy Family Living Room

Five tips for creating a warm and cosy space

The living room is the heart and soul of every family home. It’s where we settle down of an evening, tell stories, and watch TV. It’s a true family room and the best ones are cosy and warm. However, with children running around, it can quickly become a playroom full of chaos. We like to keep the living room as a cosy, warm space though it’s not easy. If you’re looking for a more comfortable room, keep reading!

A cosy living room
It takes a bit of a "knack" and effort to create a warm and cosy space,
but in the end it's well worth the effort.

Cosy Living Room Ideas

Turning your existing living room in a cosy space is easier than you might think. All it takes is one or two interior design tricks. You needn’t embark on a full remodel project! Each of the techniques in this post are quick and easy to do. Why not set aside some time this weekend and cosify your living room? You’ll soon create the perfect family home!

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are the easy answer to cosiness. Things like cushions, pillows, rugs and blankets will soften harsh edges and sharp corners. They’ll bring a natural warmth to a cold room. Plus, you can snuggle into them during a chilly evening and feel warm and comfortable. Soft furnishings are also an excellent way to add some colour and personality to a room. We’ll look at that in more detail later.

Personalise the room

One of the best ways to achieve a cosy room is to inject some character and personality. What better way to do this than with your own possessions and objects. Dig out quirky and interesting items from the loft or your storage containers. Put them centre stage and take pride in personal items. Use lots of family photos to add emotional warmth to your living space.

Living room with a couch, table and chairs
Inject your character and personality into your living room, by adding the items
that have special meaning to you. (Image by


Interior designers swear by the power of books. They hold a certain warmth and character that you can capitalise on. More importantly, they show your personality and contain a history. They are full of memories, stories, and fantastic characters. Not only that, but they look fantastic in a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf.


The colours you choose play a big part in the ambience of a room. The best place to inject colour is in your accessories and soft furnishings. We suggest using a rich, warm palette of colours when looking at a living room. Dark, chocolate browns and deep reds are perfect for creating the illusion of warmth. One brilliant interior design trick is using a bold accent wall. Paint just one wall a striking colour to contrast a neutral cream of white tone.


Finally, make the most of your lighting to create the perfect ambience and mood. Use a semi flush ceiling light to cast your general illumination. Then supplement it with dotted lamps around the room. For genuine warmth and cosiness, use candles or a fireplace to add that flickering glow. Low lights, dimmer switches and natural flames are the best way to create a cosy, romantic mood.

Candles lit up
Lighting up candles is one of the classic ways to create a romantic mood
in your living space, to make it warm and cosy. (Photo by Flickr)

As you can see, creating a warm and cosy space doesn’t require much work. Choose one or two of these tricks and get started this weekend. You’ll notice the difference immediately!

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