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Christmas Gift Ideas for New Moms

Make a new mom feel special,
as she deserves it

A smiling woman next to a Christmas tree
Christmas is a perfect time to help a new mom take a well earned
break from her everyday responsibilities, to make her feel special.

It is Christmas time already, and we are pretty sure that, just like us, you cannot wait for this year to be over. That is exactly why many families have decided to decorate their homes and get presents for those they love most earlier than they usually do. Gift buying tips for the family are always welcome, but let's go a little bit further and discuss some Christmas gift ideas for new moms because we are sure you have such a person on a list of friends or extended family members you are exchanging gifts with.

What do new moms really want?

New moms rarely have time for their needs and wishes, so the gift of time would be the best present you can give them. But, since that is impossible, you can give them the next best thing - vouchers for some of the treatments you know they would appreciate. For instance:

Hairdresser appointment

New moms often have no time for a new haircut or to get their roots done, but when you get them the appointment, they will find a way to make it. Even a blowout will put a broad smile on their face.

Massage for her sore muscles

Having a baby is a blessing, but getting up several times at night and changing diapers is nobody's idea of fun. Moms spend hours in positions that are not so comfortable, and it is natural that everything aches after the delivery. A relaxing massage can work miracles at any time, so why not do it around Christmas?

Spa treatment

A new mom will appreciate being pampered, even just for a couple of hours.

A woman getting her hair done in a salon
Whether it's a hairdreasser appointment, massage for her sore
muscles, or a spa treatment, a new mom will appreciate it.

Various treatments and some time away from home are not the only things that new moms want, so let's see what other gifts you can get them for Christmas.

Some clothing items could be a great idea

New moms spend a lot of their time at home in their loungewear. They need comfy clothes, a lot of it actually, since accidents during feeding or changing are very common. A pair of leggings or a cozy jersey could be a practical gift, but we have some more ideas for those of you who like more creative ones.

Something for the new mom and her precious little one

Matching outfits are cute and fun, especially when they are themed. And is there a better theme and a better occasion to be giving than Christmas? We don't think so. The sets we are suggesting usually feature a T-shirt for the mom and a onesie for her little bundle of joy. The choice of materials is crucial, so don't be stingy there. Babies have sensitive skin that deserves nothing less than organic cotton. This fabric is practical in terms of washing too since it doesn't require to be hand-washed.

A cute baby wearing a dark blue onesie
Show the new mom how much you care by getting something for her
and her precious little one, such as some comfy clothes like onesie.

It is obvious that we are going to spend Christmas 2020 at home with our immediate family members, but that shouldn't stop us from having fun and making new memories. Matching outfits are rather Instagramable, and they are great for family photos, so don't wait for too long before they are all sold out.

A bit of luxury

If you would like to make a new mom feel special, you can do so by giving her the luxurious versions of the things she uses every day. For example, get her a fancy robe she can wear around the house all-day-long, branded pajamas, or a pair of luxurious home slippers.

Or, maybe your present could be a hand and foot care kit, luxurious skincare product, or some makeup you know she wants. If you are absolutely sure about her favorite perfume, you can get it, but you shouldn't take risks with fragrances.

What to get for her baby?

Getting a Christmas present for the baby is the easiest part. Babies do not judge, and if you bear in mind that you can never go wrong with onesies, we think that the problem is solved. There are thousands of onesies on the market - some are cute, some cool, some even hilarious. Choose the one that you like, one size bigger than the baby's actual age, and you will make both mommy and baby happy. The little ones love that onesies are cozy, and they follow every move they make. Moms love them for the same reasons, and they like that frequent diaper changes are easier when the baby wears a onesie.

Some decorating items can be good Christmas gift ideas for new moms

Kids love holidays, especially Christmas. But, a couple of years will pass before this new mom can enjoy Christmas decorating with her kid, so now it is all up to her and her partner. If you are into crafts and you like making decorative items yourself, you can give them a handmade Christmas centerpiece or a custom made ornament with a photo of their baby or an entire family.

A family of three decorating their Christmas tree together.
While we spend a lot of time, effort and money into Christmas decor,
preparations and presents, in the end it's all about quality family time.

The small things matter

There are thousands of other Christmas gift ideas for new moms you can consider, but here are some that you will be able to get even if you need to shop on a budget:

  • Planner (customized or a regular one) - mommy might need it to note down her busy schedule; 
  • Ice roller - obviously, this is a very popular gift for new moms to treat their tired face skin; 
  • Satin or plush eye mask - so that she can get some rest while her baby is taking a daily nap; 
  • Hair ties, bows, headbands - she will need a ton; 

Many brands that didn't use to have an online shop decided to open one this year, which made Christmas shopping easier than ever before. Now all you have to do is pick one of the Christmas gift ideas for new moms and place your order. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Photos used: by Unsplash

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