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Different approaches
for exam revisions at home

How to Prepare Well for Exams

Prior to taking an exam, you have to revise the material efficiently to get a good grade. Therefore, you have to opt for a revision technique that can help you learn as many things as possible. Have a closer look at the following tips related to exam revisions, and make sure to take them into account of if you want to pass your exam session with flying colors.

Laptop and post-it notes
Using computer resources and post-it notes can be very helpful with your exam revisions at home.

Revise regularly

Even though numerous students think that this is not an efficient technique, you should know that frequent revisions are an excellent way of remembering information. Hence, you should establish a schedule that enables you to revise the material you study at school weekly. You will see how much this will help and how easier it will be to prepare for an approaching exam.

Make your own study resources

 » Timelines

Timelines are a great idea when it comes to subjects like History. They will help you memorize a series of events effortlessly, since they allow you to trace different aspects such as enhancements, factors, and other aspects like these. Hang the timelines in your room and take a look at them occasionally. You will be surprised to see how efficient they are!

 » Cue cards

Cue/note cards are also recommended, and they can help you learn definitions and regulations. However, you can also use them to memorize key words related to a certain topic.

 » Mini revision booklet

You need several pieces of paper and the topics for the lessons you have to study in order to create an efficient mini revision booklet. Write the topics on different pieces of paper and then try to make summaries for each one of them. However, you have to make sure that your summaries comprise only the essential aspects related to the subjects.

Learning is fun
With right preparations and proper concentration, learning can be fun
Photo source: Enhance your writing skills

It is highly recommended to improve your essay technique, and this will also help you enhance your grammar and spelling. So, you have to start by paying a lot of attention to the topic of your essay in order to determine the most important things that you should write about. Prior to beginning a new paragraph, read the question again. And don’t forget to include only details that are appropriate for the topic and significant.

Further tips

You are advised to discuss the things you have learnt with your colleagues or friends. This will help you see their point of view toward the subject and how they understood it. Besides, you should make all sorts of charts with pros and cons for the most important issues. Revise with a colleague so that you can test each other frequently. Write essential points on post-it notes and place them strategically so that you can see them all the time.

Additionally, bear in mind that it’s important to use words that you can comprehend when you revise. This will allow you to memorize materials easily. Don’t forget to utilize as many sources as you can when you study, such as your textbook, notes, and even different websites.

Don’t force yourself

Furthermore, you need to be reasonable and understand that it’s not a good idea to over-revise. Plus, your study schedule has to include numerous breaks, since you have to eat and rest periodically. Drink as much water as you can in order to stay hydrated. And you should definitely avoid coffee and energy drinks. They will initially help you, but after a while, they will affect your concentration abilities.

School books
Study books can be intimidating, but with planned revisions you can prepare for your exams without any fear.

Ask questions

In case you have uncertainties, ask questions. You won’t be able to learn a subject if you don’t understand it. What’s more, you should try various revision methods until you identify the one that works best for you. If you want to begin a diet, change your job, or take on a different sleeping pattern, wait until you take the exam. You need a balanced lifestyle when you prepare for exams because a sudden change can affect your capacity to concentrate.

Last but not least, keep in mind that you won’t be able to revise all the material in one day, since you will be too stressed and nervous to memorize things. Hence, you have to plan your revisions ahead and make sure you have at least several days at your disposal.

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