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Exam Revisions

How to do revisions at home for exam success

One of the most important aspects for children's success in school, besides good parental and academic support, is that of exam revisions. Every child student knows that the more and better you study, the easier will be to pass school exams with "flying colours".

The key to doing well on exams are good exam revisions at home. The more diligently these revisions are done, the easier is for student to successfully pass the exams. Follow our guides below to achieve exam success.

  School Exam Revisions Tips

A-Level Revision Notes

Getting A-level Revision Notes

The combination of good marks of the course and the examination scores will get you qualify for A-level. This is why students know important it is to pursue the A-level revision diligently. Here are some suggestions and tips for preparing for the A-level exams.

College Application Tips

College Application Tips

When you are parent, you want only the best for your child. If you child wants to attend college, you need to do everything your can to make that happen. Best exam grades lead to more success in life. Here are some tips to help your child achieve college application success.

Exam Revisions at Home

Approaches to Exam Revisions at Home

Before you take an exam, you have to revise your study material efficiently in order to get a good grade. There are several good revision techniques and useful tips that will help you with faster and better absorption of your study materials.

GCSE Exam Revisions

High Grades with GCSE Exam Revisions

GCSEs or General Certificate of Secondary Education plays an important part in student's future. Higher grades could mean a ticket to a reputable university. To get this takes a serious approach to studying and taking time to prepare with well planned and executed exam revisions.

Getting Good Exam Results

Getting Good Exam Results

When you are parent, you always need to think about what's best for your child. This includes helping your children attain great exam results, that will open up greater opportunities for them later on. Here are few ideas to help your child get good exam results.

Guide to Exam Success

Three-Step Guide to Exam Success

It's important to put in best effort, time and perseverance to gain maximum benefits in exam studies. One has to work hard to be exceptionally and extremely successful in exams, which will all lead to later success in one's life and career.

Maximize Revision Effects

Maximizing the Effects of Exam Revision

Time is of the essence when doing exam revisions at home. Student needs to get maximum value for the time and effort spent on doing revisions. There are 3 actions to take to turn your exam revisions into a fruitful experience.

School Administrator Tasks

School Administrator Tasks

The more education one gains in school, the better his or her life will be. Running a school therefore is a huge responsibility, not only for teachers but for especially for school administrators. Find out about the tasks that school administrators have to handle.

Good study practice and home revisions lead to exam success
Attentive listening, taking notes, studying hard and exam revisions all lead to successfully completing your exams.  (Image by


Money Saving Tips for College Students

If you want to get further in life more quickly, college is one of the best options available. But college is different from the school and it costs some serious money. Many students have been saddled with college loan debts that they will be repaying for years to come. As parents and students you want to explore every opportunity to save money on your college costs.

The writers at Ivy Panda have prepared a comprehensive guide on Money Saving Tips for Students, to show you many different ways you can save money in college. This will leave you then free to concentrate on your study, rather than having money worries.

This useful guide includes:

  • Tips for choosing a college wisely, depending on where you live
  • Where to find affordable colleges in the US and other countries
  • Three major types of financial aid that you don't have to return
  • How to control your expenses, as you face the real life through college
  • Best way to control your spending is to plan ahead using budgeting system
  • How to expect and deal with unforseen expenses, such as health
  • Where to find spacial offers to help you as a student
  • Professional tips for saving money in college on accommodation etc.

There is much more included in this exceptional guide that you can find here: