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4 Unique Ways
to Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

DIY home decor with mirrors

Finding new and creative ways to decorate your home can be troublesome. There are only so many wall colors you can go through, furniture patterns you can switch, carpets to replace, etc. Luckily, there are accessories, which aren’t used often enough that will bring a completely fresh feel to your house. We are, of course, talking about mirrors.

Mirrors can blend in with home decor
Strategically placed mirrors can blend in with your room decor,
yet create an extra feature by itself.

We usually place mirrors in bathrooms and wardrobes, but there is a lot more to them. Mirrors can be used to decorate your home in ways you couldn’t imagine and that is exactly why we’re here. In this article, we will talk about four unique ways to decorate your home with mirrors, so you can design a brand-new look for your home.

Use it instead of a painting

As we said before, people often place mirrors only in bathrooms and on wardrobes, but mirrors can be used as decorative pieces. There are some beautifully designed frames that top even some paintings.

Brighten up your wall
Decorate your mirror and use it instead of a painting to decorate your plain wall

Place it in your hallway or living room and you will create an interesting atmosphere. You don’t even have to hang it on the wall, you can simply lean it against the wall like in some art studio. Of course, you will have to use a long mirror, so you see your whole self in it and not just the legs.

Use mirrors to brighten up your room

A lot of people don’t know that mirrors are great if you want to brighten up the room without installing additional light bulbs. Sure, you can put an extra lamp by your bed, but if you place a mirror on a specific spot in your room, you will create an optical illusion that is better and prettier than any number of lamps.

Combine your lamp with a mirror
Place a mirror behind a lamp to increase the light effect and make it into a feature

For example, place it on an empty wall that faces you as you enter the room or on the biggest blank wall that is in that room. You can experiment with the position as you want, but you will know that you have hit the jackpot once you see the reflections of the light from almost any point in the room.

Create an illusion of a larger room

As they can brighten up the room, mirrors can also make it look larger than it actually is. It is only appropriate that the most common tool of the magicians is used to create illusions of larger rooms. A well-placed custom mirrors can do magic for small and cramped up spaces.

An illusion of a larger bathroom
With a large mirror in your bathroom, you can create an illusion of a much
larger space and room, in this smallest of the rooms.

You can place a mirror right across your window and you will achieve amazing effects. Additionally, if you have a narrow and short hallway, place a mirror on the end of it to increase its length. Use different-sized mirrors, with different frames for each room.

Place it on your table

Lastly, you can place a mirror as a centerpiece on your table, just use an inexpensive one, so if it gets damaged it’s no big deal. You can put vases with flowers on it to create a gorgeous decoration with reflections.

Make your wall alive
Simply by hanging a mirror on the wall above this desk, you make the space
come alive with a personality of its own.

And that is it from us. We hope that you found some of our design solutions interesting. As you can see mirrors are quite versatile and you can use them in pretty much any room. Just decide on what effect you want to achieve with them.

All above images courtesy of Pixabay

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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