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Pink Bed Linens –
You Haven’t Seen Pink Like This Before

Pink shades add coziness and warmth to your bedroom

Shopping for bed linens is never easy. It’s extremely important to opt for high-quality if you want to have a comfortable night sleep. The market is overstocked with synthetics, so prior to making a choice you have to make sure that the material selected has not gone through any kind of chemical-based processes.

Choose natural fabrics

Stick to natural fabrics such as cotton and silk because they absorb humidity thus ensuring that the skin breathes well throughout the night. In terms of color, the finest and most appealing shade is pink. Girls, regardless of their age, want their beds to look as pink as possible in order to feel comfortable.

Plain and floral bed sheet designs in pink colour
Pink-coloured bed linen can be very appealing,
especially for girls' bedroom.

Fiber content

Bed linens for the bedroom are usually manufactured from manmade or natural fabrics, and as far as the color palette is concerned, it’s amazing how the market features such a wide variety of pink shades, reds, green, cherry, pure white, and more.

Some of the main fiber types used to make the linens are:

  • All-natural cotton like flax, cotton, silk, and wool 
  • Artificial fibers like rayon and viscose manufactured from raw materials derived from plant protein and cellulose 
  • Synthetics like nylon, polyester, and acrylics – usually made from petro-chemicals and should be avoided 
  • Blends – combinations of 2 of more fibers; combinations of cotton and silk for example are excellent. They’re not just soft but additionally comfortable and extremely pleasant for the skin 

How do you recognize quality?

Sometimes it can be difficult to make the difference between authentic Egyptian cotton and just cotton. That’s why the following guidelines are meant to teach buyers to make a difference between all-natural linens and mass-produced linens made of synthetic materials.

  • The fabric’s weave must be firm – test is by scratching the cloth’s surface. If you notice that the threads are shifting easily, the product might not be of the highest quality 
  • Make sure the linen’s weave is uniform 
  • The color should look fresh and be spread evenly on the surface 
  • Printed designs must be well-crafted and look polished 
  • The bed linens must not feature any powdery dust on the surface; if that happens it might be an indication that the fabric is of low quality 
Pink-coloured bed duvet set
Coordinated pink colour duvet sets or bed spreads will look good
in your bedroom.

Pink – an ideal color for your bed linens

Bed linens that come is light, pink shades are absolutely amazing. Apart from adding warmth and coziness to your bedroom, they’re additional modern and really nice-looking. The market is packed with beautiful patterns; whether you’re looking for pink bed linens with Cinderella prints for your baby girl, or you’d like pink linens with cute kittens on them, making a choice can be an extremely tedious job.

Still, as long as you opt for quality, it’s impossible to make a mistake. Let’s have a closer look at some tips that will help you pick the finest bed linens.

  • If you want smooth, crisp, and cool bedding opt for plain weave such as cambric, voile, batiste, or percale. Simple weave fabrics are predisposed to wrinkles, so after the washing is done make sure to iron and fold the linens to keep them in excellent condition 
  • If you’re fond of smooth, soft, and silky bedding, think of sateen bed linens 
  • If you’re cold it’s best to consider cotton jersey or flannel for a warm, cozy bed 
  • Certified eco-friendly bedding is best for people with sensitive skin and predisposition to allergies 
  • If you don’t like to iron your linens, you can always opt for linens with a wrinkle resistant finish 
Bed cover spread and pillows in pinky colours
For that warm and cozy look and feel in your bedroom,
choose pinky-red coloured bed cover and pillows.

You can’t go wrong with quality bed linens for your family. Prior to starting a shopping spree, decide on a color first. Girls love pretty pink, so the shade should be a priority. If you’re thinking to make a Christmas present for a loved one, selecting a set of fine-quality bed linens will definitely exceed their expectations.

Stay away from synthetic materials because they cause allergic reactions and might pose a risk to the health of your family. Natural cotton is extremely resistant to wear and tear; the fabric is extremely soft, non-allergic, and it features sturdy colors that won’t fade away in time. Above everything else, cotton will guarantee the most comfortable sleep experience.

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