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Nursery Bed Linen

Advice on what to consider and
how to choose bed linen for your nursery

When preparing a nursery for your new baby`s arrival, you will want to devote some time to researching the best options available in regard to bed linens. Although many expectant parents look forward to choosing crib linens in a particular color or style, it is very important to keep a baby`s safety and comfort in mind as well. Use the following factors as a guideline in helping you to select appropriate bedding items for your nursery.

Necessary vs. Optional Pieces

Before purchasing linens with which to furnish your baby`s crib, you should first make a list of the individual components that comprise a set of bedding. Although nursery bed linens are often sold in complete sets, you may wish to purchase your accessories separately in order to ensure that you are only spending money on the items that you deem most essential. Be sure to invest in a waterproof mattress pad and a sheet with an elastic band, both of which fit over your crib`s mattress.

Smiling baby on a bed
Baby's best needs should be on your mind when choosing bed linen
for your nursery at home.

Decorative bedding items such as crib skirts and bumpers are optional; if you do buy crib bumpers, make certain that they are made of thin fabric and are fastened securely in place. You can place a matching comforter in an empty crib for decorative purposes but should refrain from using it to cover your baby, for safety reasons.

Comfort and Health

Nursery bed linens designed with soft fabric material are vital for your baby`s comfort. Bedding should be made with knit cotton, woven cotton or flannel, all of which are gentle against your baby`s skin and are easy to wash and clean. If you are environmentally conscious or are concerned about potential allergens, you have the option of purchasing nursery linens made with chemical-free, organic fabrics.


You will need to check the fit of your nursery bed linens before your baby arrives in order to be sure that they stretch snugly and securely over the crib mattress. Elastic bed sheets that are too loose may pose as a suffocation hazard and sheets that are too tight on the first fitting may shrink further after repeated washing. As an extra precaution, consider purchasing adjustable elastic straps that clip onto a fitted sheet and fasten beneath the mattress.

Colors and Themes

The most enjoyable aspect of selecting nursery bed linens is to decide on colors and themes that correspond with your decorating tastes. From classic to contemporary children`s prints, you have a vast number of choices available for nursery bedding that blends in beautifully with walls, floors and room furnishings.


Because crib linens will need to be washed frequently as your baby grows, investing in items made from durable materials is a wise idea. You can benefit from reading through online customer reviews to learn how certain types of bedding measure up to machine washing. If you have your heart set on a particular set of nursery bed linens but are concerned about long-term quality, you may wish to purchase some duplicate bedding to be on the safe side.

Once you have chosen the best bed linens for your baby`s needs, you can decide on purchasing additional nursery items that complement the colors and patterns of your bedding. A number of companies that offer linens for babies` cribs also sell matching nursery curtains, diaper stackers, mobiles, lamps and other products that give your nursery a charming and cohesive appearance.

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