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Choosing the Perfect Bed Linen
for Your Children

Make sure your kids are safe during the night on their bed linen

Parents know that buying the perfect bed linen for their angels is a lot more complicated than it seems. There are several aspects that need to be taken into account such as style, fabric, comfort, as well as care instructions. Besides, bed linens should always be chosen according to the child’s personal taste, age, sensitivities and potential allergies.

Design matters

Most people pay attention to the design of their children’s bedding, especially when it comes to bedspreads and comforters. You cannot purchase a bed set without taking into account your child’s preferences: he might love a certain animal or color which should definitely be incorporated in his bed linen if possible. If you have a little girl, she may want to have a princess bed linen or comforters with her favorite cartoon characters.

Pink bed linen for girls
Little girls usually will like floral designs on their bed linen,
in soft pink colours.

Safety comes first

The safety of your children is very important so make sure that your child’s bedding is flame-resistant, and stay as far away as possible from highly-flammable fabrics available on the market. Besides, if the linen bedding that you’re purchasing is designed for young children, it shouldn’t contain any embellishments that could make them choke. Parents must watch out for their kids, and if you notice irritations on their skin, it’s a clear sign you have to change the bedding immediately.

Thread count

The concept of thread count is used to bring about the number of threads included in a square inch of fabric. If you’re looking for a high-quality bed set, make sure that the thread count exceeds 200. However, the thread count shouldn’t be higher than 600, because these bed linens are known for trapping body heat. A good bed sheet has a thread count between 280 and 400, which guarantees an absorbent, soft, and smooth feel.

Blue bed linen for boys
For little boys bed linen with their favourite cartoon characters
have a great appeal.

Materials to have in mind

As far as materials are concerned, 100% organic cotton is your best choice. The fabric is comfortable regardless of the season, and it’s very easy to maintain. Prices are different, and if you’re looking for more affordable cotton, you can opt for 80% cotton sheets for example. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton allows your children’s skin to breathe; they will have a good night sleep and they’ll wake up happier than ever.

Cotton and its greatest advantages

The best part about cotton is that it comes in so many different types. Sea Island cotton is one of the most famous ones, and it can be found in the West Indies. The material has a white and silky texture, which makes it one of the best in the world. Egyptian cotton comes next, and it’s mostly used for bed linens.

Your children will adore the luxurious, soft, and durable sheets, not to mention that the increased level of comfort will help them sleep heavenly throughout the night. Supima or Pima cotton is yet another well-known type that grows in America. It is known for its surprising high-quality perfect for your child’s bedding.

Perhaps the most recommended type of fabric for bed linens is organic cotton. It doesn’t contain any pesticides and it is allergen-free, so parents will be 100% sure they’re kids are healthy.

Bamboo materials

Bamboo is yet another type of fabric that’s great for your kids’ linens. The eco-friendly material is sustainable, it doesn’t contain chemicals, and it’s just as breathable as cotton. Besides, bamboo is soft and easy to wash, not to mention that it’s extremely convenient.

Bed linen for children
When it comes to designs, colourful and playful bed linen
is children's timeless favourite.

Parents with kids are at liberty to opt for whatever types of fabric they wish. The goal is to purchase natural materials and not synthetics. Synthetic materials such as acrylic, rayon, and polyester are not recommended because they can’t absorb moisture and they’re not breathable. If you don’t want your kids to have skin irritations because of synthetic materials, just avoid them.

Bed linens for kids should be chosen carefully by the parents. The market is packed with counterfeit products that are labeled organic, when they’re not. To make sure your kids are safe during the night, opt for trusted providers. Ask around, check forums, or better yet, head over to the actual store if you want to make sure that what you’re buying is 100% safe for your little ones.

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