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Why Does Your Baby Need
A Baby Blanket?

The Importance of Baby Blankets

It is quite interesting to notice that some people do not understand the importance of the baby blanket. It is a shame since this is among the first of all the gifts a baby would receive and new mothers usually love to select something for the little one. You have to understand that the infant has to have a blanket. We can say that it is a lot more important than you may be tempted to believe at the moment.

Baby Blankets Safety Concerns

There are so many doctors out there that keep talking to moms and advice them about various safety concerns. For instance, putting a baby in a crib under a blanket that is not suitable can lead to serious problems like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is a part of the reason why some mothers do not buy baby blankets.

Baby sleeping on back
Best sleeping position for baby is on her back,
covered by a warm, but safe blanket.

The modern mother is aware of the fact that the baby needs to be put to sleep on his back. This automatically cuts down on many risks that are associated with health problems. You can even opt for a special baby sleeping sack but no matter how you put it, the baby blanket is something that cannot actually be replaced. We can actually say that it is a part of growth and that there is a relationship established between the baby and the blanket.

We now have access to so many interesting options on the market. Just look at what The Stripy Company offers. You will surely love the diversity. Most of the new baby blanket models are breathable and eco friendly at the same time. They are light and soft so the baby is not exposed to a risk of suffocating. Linen is quite a great option when you look for a baby blanked and can go for muslin too.

But Why A Baby Blanket?

Sleeping baby under a blanket
A warm blanket gives a sense of security to the baby

The baby blanket is basically the very first item that the infant can call his/her own. No matter what you may think right now, a baby does need a blanked in order to gain a sense of security you cannot actually offer when you are not around.

You will not sleep with the child forever and the blanket basically acts as a parent substitute. It does not matter if it is personalized, made out of microfiber or matches the overall design of the nursery. What counts is that the baby loves it and gets attached to it.

It has to be added that the baby blanket always becomes a keepsake. You will eventually stop using it or the baby will leave it on the side but it can be then used in various different ways from draping a crib and decorating it to using it to cuddle when you tell the baby a story.

As time passes you can be sure that the baby blanket will be attached to memories for both you and the baby. This is one of the big reasons why the blanket is always remembered and is usually kept so that a person can remember the memories linked to it.

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