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Latest Home Decor Trend!
Bed Linen that Looks Like Fast Food

Hot trend of fast food bed sheets inspired by fast-food favorites

Personalizing your home environment is a fulfilling and creative exercise that encourages creativity among individuals. For some, the venture to create the most bizarre living environment can be taken to extremes, as can be seen here. Fast-food themed bed linen is currently a hot trend among home and bedroom design, as some examples here will show you and explain.

Modern bedding look
Modern and unusual bed shapes are trendy in the latest home and bed designs
(Image by –

Pepperoni Pizza

For lovers of fine Italian cuisine, pizza themed bedding set will make you the envy of friends or family. Perfect for spicing up a children's bedroom or fun-loving adult, pepperoni pizza bedding is sure to surprise and entertain guests.

Featuring a photo realistic design, this bizarre creation captures the smooth melted cheese aesthetic, while being decorated with detailed pepperoni slices across the entire bed spread. This design comes in many sizes too, suitable for king, queen, double and single beds. The matching pillow cases are shaped like rectangular slices, with detailed cooked crust surrounding the pillow's borders too.

If you're feeling adventurous, delight yourself with a pizza-themed bedding design to spruce up your bedroom today.

Get inspired
Modern bedroom and bedding designs are often inspired by unusual themes
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Fries are a classic addition to fast-food culture, why not extends your love of fries to the bedroom as well? Fries themed bedding sheets is just one of many trends taking bedroom design to a whole new level. With it's simple in-your-face, crop up presentation and 100% woven polyester, this standard size pillow case would be perfect for a teen’s bedroom.

The pillow's themselves are machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. With a one-sided print design and white on the other, they can also be mixed and matched with other sheets or designs.

Sprinkle and Print Designs

A recent brand called Kip & Co’s has revealed a vibrant line of bed linens, with designs inspired by fast food and colorful hues. The brand's collection contains many notable favorites, but also features a sugar sprinkle set and matching pattern carpets.

The new linens comprise of sheets, pillow cases and blankets, with a variety of colors and fast-food favorites. For those seeking an off-beat vibe will admire the charm of this alluring d├ęcor. Leaving with it a spot of personality, this vibrant piece will certainly brighten any dull or underwhelming bedroom setting.

Modern bed shapped like hamburger
Hamburger shapped beds represent currently hot trend among home and bedroom designs, such as fast-food bed sheets (Photo by

Hamburger Bedding

Those who enjoy eating fast-food such as French fries or burgers, will sure take delight in this stunning bedding design available. Featuring a pop-art inspired, portrait of a classic hamburger, the use of bold colors and striking patterns is almost a cartoon depiction of an American culture. Aspects such as nostalgia and vintage, paint a flashback to 60's fashion and art.

This priceless blast from the past would make a fine contribution to any creative individual's living space. If you wish to brighten up a mild room's plain setting, this piece will make any bedroom stand out from the rest.

With a variety of sizes to choose from, this comfy blanket design would match perfectly with a cozy linen fabric set to match.


Fast food themed bed sheets are a bold and challenging statement against the more traditional designs available. It provides a huge contrast to the vast array of simple or minimal conventions that many companies are sticking to. If you wish to stand out from the crowd with your hunger for adventure, try out one of these bizarre designs to see if it suits your bedroom setting.

With a range of sellers available (some even custom tailored), including many online traders, this new style of bedding is more accessible than ever.

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