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5 Must Watch Top Bedroom Design Trends
that Are Hot in 2017

Consider these popular bedroom design trends for 2017

As 2016 has almost reached an end, specialists have started making the most interesting predictions for next year in every domain. The interior design industry makes no exception in this case and the great news is that there are amazing new trends to consider for 2017 projects. There might not be a better time to redecorate your bedroom than at the beginning of next year.

Start fresh using modern furniture items, great decorations and adornments and make your personal sleeping space a wonderful fairytale scene where perfect rest and relaxation will be ensured every day and night. Let’s analyze five must watch top bedroom design trends that will be hot next year to offer you all the inspiration you need for your future customized decoration process.

Make bedroom your personal hub
Your bedroom should reflect your personal style, to become your comfortable
personal hub.

Create a comfortable and reclusive personal hub in the bedroom

If there is a single room in the house that should reflect your personal style and taste perfectly then this is the bedroom. It is that personal space that should represent a world of uncompromising comfort and perfect rest.

Therefore, the main trend to consider in terms of interior design next year is to create a personal sanctuary in your bedroom where you might be able to rest well, feel properly rejuvenated every morning and in which you might spend time reading and engaging in pleasant activities with your family and close friends. Nothing but a comfortable and reclusive personal hub is accepted in modern bedrooms in 2017 and we know that you will love the idea of feeling like part of a magical land right in the comfort of your own home every day.

Simplicity in everything you choose

Another great trend to consider in terms of interior design next year is to keep it simple when choosing the perfect items to include in your bedroom. From your comfortable bed, gorgeous mattress and bedding items to your working desk and reading area everything should be simple and feature high-quality materials.

This is the new trend of 2017 and specialists simply love offering you great insights on how to manage to create such a gorgeous bedroom décor at home. Follow the Scandinavian guidelines and use gorgeous accessories that will make your personal space simple yet modern and gorgeous to spend quality time in every evening. Use shades of grey and white to help you achieve a dominating overall décor that will feature good taste in everything you see in the bedroom.

Keep the things simple
Select the perfect, high-quality items for your bedroom that will your
bedroom design simple.

Wallpapers have found their way back on the map

We can all remember the times when vintage wallpapers were used in houses to create an elegant overall décor effect. Guess what? This is the kind of trend that has never really disappeared and 2017 is the year when it will come back to create dramatic effects in the bedroom. When you focus on a metallic paint design on colorful, well-chosen wallpapers what you will have is great results that everyone will admire.

Modern options are available for you to choose from so you can keep the décor as modern or as vintage as you would like with new wallpapers available for purchase these days. The new recommendation is to choose neutral, solid headboards and gorgeous accessories to match the wallpaper in the bedroom so that you might soften the overall look.

Rely on invigorating art for gorgeous bedroom decors

In case you have already chosen the furniture for your bedroom and even a gorgeous modern or vintage wallpaper to give it a dramatic look, it is time to soften things up by using invigorating works of art. Yes, these are high on trends at the beginning of next year and you must take advantage of this little secret if you want to make your bedroom look perfect. From simple items to stylish, chic ones – everything is allowed as well as it matches the overall décor and gives it a warm and indulgent feeling.

Add gorgeous colours
If you desire more warmth in your bedroom, choose the colours
and décor accordingly.

Scandinavian décor elements in trend

Our list today shall end with a very important trend followed by interior design specialists, namely the inclusion of simple yet gorgeous Scandinavian décor elements. Just imagine small bed frames or imposing wooden items that can adorn your bedroom décor in a pleasant manner. The wooden tones are also high in demand this time of year and will become a must at the beginning of 2017.

Overall, we can only say good things about these must watch interior design trends that specialists recommend us to follow for our customized interior decoration process in 2017. Rely on these as well as your intuition and good taste choose perfect furniture and accessories as well as a high-quality wool mattress and you will have your reclusive personal hub in the bedroom ready to enjoy next year.

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