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Ways to Save Money
on Your Bathroom Remodel

11 tips to keep your bathroom remodeling costs down

Giving your bathroom an entirely new look can either be a dream come true or the worst of your nightmares, depending on how you go about it. Remodeling any part of your house is always a big thing, but the bathroom is one of the trickiest rooms to manage. If you do it well, it can be an utterly enjoyable experience, and you’ll end up with a bathroom that will be the envy of your entire neighborhood. If you do it wrong, you could also possibly end up with so much stress and a lot of unforeseen expenses.

Plan your bathroom remodeling
When you start planning your bathroom remodeling, be mindful of the costs
and look for the ways to save money with some useful tips and advice.

The good news is that there are many ways to save on your bathroom remodel. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to get the bathroom that you want, and the more involved you are in the process, the more dollars you can potentially save. Some of these are really basic, simple tips that many don’t realize can actually save a significant amount of money.

So if budget is a primary concern for you as you’re doing your bathroom remodeling, here are some tips to think about:

1. Know your plan and do your research

Most people make the mistake of contacting a contractor even before they have an idea of exactly what they want to do with their bathroom. While your contractor has your best interests at heart, they are of course still operating a business, and if you’re unclear about what you want, your contractor could suggest practically anything, and you might end up paying for a lot more than you should be.

The best way to do it is first to plan what you want the finished product to be, then do your research based on your idea. It’s important to be flexible, but having an initial plan narrows down your options and keeps you focused. If you have a plan, it will be easier to explain things to your contractor.

2. Go for the suppliers with the best price

Contractors are there to offer you their services for a price, so you should make sure you’re getting the best value for money. Talk to 3-5 contractors and have them bid for the project, and this is how you can make sure you get the best price. Also, you should keep your eye out for deals when it comes to the items you have to purchase and be open to suppliers (i.e. online merchants) that may offer better prices.

3. Trust your contractor,
but remember that there are things you can do yourself

If you’re handy, you don’t need to rely on your contractor for everything. You can save a lot of money by doing things yourself, and even recycling materials that you already have. For instance, an old drawer can be transformed into a table for your sink. You can also make a vanity out of some old pieces of furniture that you may no longer be using. Your lighting fixtures could come from a garage sale or a flea market. Not everything has to be brand new, and not everything has to be expensive.

4. Try not to mess with the plumbing

When you draw up your plan and move things around, try not to make too many changes when it comes to the plumbing. This is because having to realign the pipes and change the location of the shower system, sink, toilet, or bathtub will cost you a lot of money. You can save heaps by just allowing them to remain where they already are and just working on the existing bathroom layout.

Bathroom shower system
Your new shower system, with new fixtures included, can be installed on
your existing shower recess and will still make it look great.

5. Don’t get carried away with tiles

Tiles are definitely a must for any bathroom, but you can’t allow yourself to get carried away because tiles can also get really expensive. There are ways to still use tiles without spending too much because you don’t have to use tiles in the entire bathroom. You can mix it up and use paint to decorate the rest of the areas.

6. Change small things

Small stuff can significantly improve the look of your bathroom. Switch your old bath sheet, shower curtain or shower head with brand new sheets, curtain or shower head you can get for your budget. Some flowers in a vase can also look magnificent.

7. Try to see if you can get items redone instead of automatically assuming that you have to buy something brand new

You can give your bathroom an entirely new and improved look without buying brand new items. For instance, before the purchase of a new bathtub, try and see if you can have it professionally relined. This will cost you so much less. For other bathroom fixtures, you can recycle or use items that are already in your house. You can also shop for upcycled fixtures to give your bathroom a unique or even vintage look. If this means replacing older items, you also have to remember that you can sell these items and use the money you get to buy new stuff.

8. Do not underestimate the power of paint

With the right color of paint, you can actually give your bathroom an entirely new look without spending a fortune. Repainting is probably the cheapest way to change your bathroom’s look without having to spend so much. So if you have a limited budget, you can just go for the paint. Just remember that you have to give it time to dry.

9. Frame your mirrors

Bathrooms are typically not that big regarding floor area, and mirrors are a great way to make any bathroom look instantly bigger. An excellent way to mix things up without spending a fortune is to frame your mirrors. Either that or buy framed mirrors from the onset. This is a great way

10. Think twice about that glass enclosure

Regarding dressing up the shower area, some people insist on putting a glass enclosure for more sophistication. However, remember that using that much glass will cost you a lot of money. If you have budget constraints, try going for the much cheaper option of using a shower curtain. The good thing about shower curtains is that they’re easier to clean, and they come in varied colors and designs, adding life to your bathroom while taking care of your budget.

Bathroom sinks
Depending on your chosen design and style, you can reduce the need
for granite countertops and save more money in the process.

11. Do not splurge on your granite countertop

The countertop is one part that can bring a lot of character to the bathroom, but there’s no reason for you to splurge on it like there’s no tomorrow. What you can do is check with your local granite shops if they have remnants or scraps that you can use to top your vanity. Picking granite pieces with some imperfection will already save you a lot of money, and it’s not as if your guests will notice. In fact, if your sink is the type that covers a significant part of your countertop, they won’t even see it.

Another way to save on buying granite is picking the right color. You may not realize this, but granite works like any other material that operates on the law of demand and supply. Since a lot more people clamor for neutral colors like brown, tan, gray, and beige, they will tend to be more expensive. So all you have to do is widen your options and look at the colors that are not as popular as the rest, and you’ll be surprised at the amount that you’ll eventually be able to save by doing so.


So these are just a few of simple ideas that can keep your bathroom remodeling costs low. Do what you can yourself and leave complicated stuff to trustworthy designer or contractor. Start slow and small with your renovations. Even with small changes, you can make a great looking bathroom.

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