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Great Home Improvement Concepts
with Bathroom Accessories

8 bathroom renovation concepts to style your bathroom
with modern bathroom accessories

Bathrooms may seem like a difficult place to plan and implement any change in design to improve its appearance. But, believe it or not, this is the place where you can employ your creative ideas to the greatest extent. An awkward looking bathroom can really spoil your style.

Therefore, you should look for easy bathroom styling solutions by using modern bathroom accessories, irrespective of your current budgetary constriction. You can go through following most innovative concepts of bathroom renovation.

Modern bathroom design concepts
With some innovative bathroom renovation concepts and modern bathroom
accessories, your bathroom can significantly improve its appearance.

#1. Remove all hodgepodge and add storage

The concept is to get clear of all un-functional objects those do not serve any purpose in a washroom. It is better to have an empty bathroom than washing at a storeroom!

Try the following things:

  • Remove all unwanted and large sized accessories. 
  • Install a closed cabinet under your sink. 
  • Hide all cleaning products. 
  • Store things rather than displaying them. 
  • Have storable baskets underneath cabinets. 
  • Add fashionable floating shelves to aid storage. 

#2. Add colourful pops to reflect your personality

No one lives a black and white life. Almighty blessed us with so many colors. So, why not to add them in places where we spend some time? Look at the colors of your bathroom tiles, are they looking dull? Even your robes, rags, bathroom accessories, and hand towels can create a miraculous atmosphere in your bathroom.

Therefore, consider making following changes:

  • Change tiles if you mind about their colors. 
  • Paint your mirror frame and keep the mirror shining with glittering glory. 
  • Your colorful and nicely textured towels deserve showcasing. Keep them on shelves. 
  • Hang your bold and vibrant colored hand towels and robes to add personality. 
  • Display stylish accessories like soap dishes to add glamour in the bathroom decor. 
Modern bathroom towels rack
Modern bathroom fixtures will create a neat look and improve bathroom style

#3. Paint with calm and neutral colors

Neutral colors are pleasing and have aesthetic values. Predominance of cool and calm atmosphere in your bathroom can only be ensured if you paint your washroom accordingly.

You may think of doing the following:

  • Get all your bathroom accessories changed in the same line of thinking. 
  • White is the only color that represents cleanliness. What about making it the base theme? 
  • Patterns and textures of tiles can add depth and reflect your creativity. Try them. 

#4. Budget and Facelift

Budget should not matter on your mission of washroom facelift. Smart planning can resolve all issues related to your pocket. Using creative imagination with a bit of online research can be of great help, to remodel your bathroom on a budget.

#5. Add a Few Curves

A designer brushed-nickel finished towel holder, a vitreous China sink bowel, a stone countertop, and an amazingly designed soap tray can do wonders, that too well within your budget. Even porcelain floor tiles are not that costly! Arrange new tiles in style. Consider setting them vertically on the upper shower walls and horizontally on other parts of your bathroom wall.

Modern bathroom decor
By sparingly adding some stylish accessories, you can add glamour and style
to your bathroom decor, for a more pleasant experience for the whole family.

#6. Use New Hardware

A new brushed-nickel finished rob hook can offer high style statement. Try it. You can use such useful hardware pieces in order to provide finishing touches. You can find lots of cheap hardware bathroom accessories at the local market and online carts.

#7. Upgrade Your Fashion Fixtures

A piece of vanity light fixture with suitable curves and angles and made of shining metal can be installed and they are also not costly at all. Low voltage LED bulbs can be magical. Being less energy users and plenty of smooth light providers, they should be your best choice.

#8. Install Elegant Faucets

Install an economical and majestically wide faucet; replacing the old one at your sink. Then what about a new tub and shower faucet? You can find faucets in wide color ranges from gold to black and chrome to brass, to choose from.

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