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10 Sweet & Easy Ways to
Track Baby's Milestones

How to record your baby's significant achievements

Tracking your baby's milestones in some way means that those memories will be with you forever. But a lot of people are wondering how exactly to do this? By reading this text, you will see that it isn't so complicated and especially if you create some form of a baby book.

A collage of baby related stuff
Find ways to track your baby's milestones for your own baby book

Here’s the thing, during pregnancy and especially in the last weeks before the baby is born, many people are making plans on all the things they are going to do, ways how they will record baby's life, and so on.

In the case of most of us, in our 30s, 40s, when we are little, our parents didn't have a lot of options to track events in our lives, regardless of how major they have been. They could take pictures and maybe videos if they were more tech-savvy and equipped, but that was about it.

Now, however, there are many ways to keep track and save precious moments with your little angel. Not only that, you can use the technology social media and other things, but you can also be creative and have more fun while doing it.

If you need some ideas on how to create your baby memory books, you are in the right place. Today we are talking precisely about this.

Best Baby Book

What we call milestones are significant developmental achievements in the life of a child. There are many things like rolling from one side to another, the first smile, sitting up, first steps, and so on. It is critical to know that every baby is different and is developing at their own pace, but there are some general timeframes when certain things should happen.

Most babies will achieve stuff at the more or less same age. Nevertheless, you shouldn't worry if your otherwise perfectly healthy child falls behind in some things and race in others – there isn't anything unusual about it.

Let’s see how to keep a baby book and enjoy recording baby milestones.

1. Keep a Journal

If you like writing, this is an excellent idea for a baby memory book. And what is cool is that there are no rules here. You can write each day, or each week it's all the same. Also, you can write just one sentence or two pages, mention only significant milestones o write about every little thing your baby did – it is all up to you.

2. Social Media

Social media is a unique space for the best baby memory book. Regardless of whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, or something else, it is perfect for keeping photos and videos of baby's life after you can download and keep them in some other place as a backup.

3. Letters

This is another excellent idea for all writers. Imagine how happy your kids are going to be when they grow up enough to be able to read what you wrote to them each week from the moment they were born. You can also combine all the letters and make a baby book.

Baby girl asleep with toys around her
While your little one is asleep, create different setups and sceneries
and take pictures as a record, or for different uses.

4. Chalkboard

You can buy or make one if you feel the surge of creativity and write all for you and your kid important stuff. Keep in mind that those things don't have to be significant at all. You can write something like – today Lana touched our dog for the first time. This things are cute and fun to remember.

5. Photos

There are so many cameras right now on the market, and plenty that offers excellent quality pictures are pretty affordable. Photos are always a fantastic way to catch all the moments that you feel are important.

6. Cards

If you are feeling creative, that you can make cards such as postcards or gift cards for your little. The fact that we are living in the era of technology doesn't necessarily have to mean that every single thing needs to be digital.

7. Count the Teeth

Have you ever thought about baby teeth book? It is not hard to understand when the first tooth is coming out because baby will likely be quiet cranky. You can take a picture of the first little milk tooth that emerges and then the next one until all of them come out. In the same way, it is possible to track and record when a child begins to lose deciduous teeth and get permanent ones.

8. Videos

In this day and age, you can record everything. Make little movies of all the things you feel are essential in your kid's life.

9. Blankets

Baby blankets are a perfect way to record baby milestones. You can just put the baby on it and mark the progress. This is easier, though, while your kid is still little and doesn't move so much around.

Baby looking under a blanket
Babies and blankets are often inseparable -
use blanket to mark your baby's progress.

10. Create different sceneries while your baby is sleeping

If you are creative, there are many ways how you can play while your little one is asleep. You can arrange a moon and the stars around the bed, or different animals and take pictures. You can make a digital photo baby book after.


There are many beautiful ways to enjoy tracking your baby's milestones, and more than that. You can record exciting moments of your child's daily life and keep them in a baby book. Years later, both of you will have a lot of fun looking at the pictures or reading letters and journals. Do you have some ideas that we didn't mention here?

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