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How To Keep Busy During Your Retirement

Hobbies and things to do after you retire

After a lifetime of working, the thought of retirement could be quite an exciting prospect. You will want to keep active though and keep yourself busy. The world is your oyster!

Keep Active

Walking or running is completely free. Well, as long as you have a pair of trainers! You could follow a plan online for a training programme or perhaps join a walking group. Getting out and about with like minded people will be a huge benefit. Cycling is also relatively low cost if you have a lot of the equipment already.

A calendar date with Retire circled on the 15th of a month
Find ways to keeping busy in retirement, which will positively reflect
on your
overall health, longevity and even happiness.  (Image: Flickr)

Getting out and about can help your overall health, as well as sleep. It can benefit your mental health and limit signs of depression. It will help with your energy levels too. Make sure you get outside as often as you can.


This may sound like a dull one, but you need to keep on top of your finances. Depending on what type of pension you have, you may want an annuity to make your money spread further. There are specialist brokers for those with a retirement income. Click here for some more information.


There are so many opportunities for those that are retired. As well as helping out others, you are learning new skills and keeping your mind active. Depending on what your career you have had, you can use that experience and your skills too. There are opportunities in retail, with children and babies, the theatre and your local library, just to name a few.

There are organisations such as scouting and opportunities within your local council too. There will be volunteering options for whatever your passion is. So get involved and make a difference. You will learn a lot and those around you will a lot from you, too.

Choose a New Hobby

Finding something that you are happy to spend time doing is important, at any age. You probably have some hobbies that you enjoy at the moment. Finding something new to do, will take up some of your time and get you excited about something new. How about learning a language? Or getting in yoga or adult mindfulness colouring books? There are so many options!

Building a jigsaw puzzle
If you enjoy a more relaxing and sedentary activities, building jigsaw
puzzles by yourself or with someone is a great way to occupy mind.


Clear & Sort Your Home

An important thing to do would be to go through the things in your home and clear out what you no longer need. You could even make a little money with some of the items. Could they be sold online? Could they be sold at an auction? Anything else could be given to charity. You are having a declutter but possibly making a bit of extra cash.

Library & Books

Try to visit your local library now and again. Find new books to read to give you new ideas and stretch your imagination. Would you ever consider writing a book? A lot of people claim that time is the issue for why they never achieve that goal. Now you have a little more time on your hands; perhaps this could be something to try? That would be such an amazing goal to achieve.

Hopefully, these suggestions have been useful to you. If you have grandchildren, they will most likely take up a lot of your time. What is better though? Enjoy your retirement, spending lots of time with family and friends.

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Keeping Busy in Retirement
Keeping Busy in Retirement
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