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Aging Parents

How do you deal with the role reversal?

As we grow, our parents' and our roles in life start to reverse. In the beginning you don't think too much of it. But as you go along, you start noticing the differences.

You begin to make decisions for yourself and your aging parents. How to make their life comfortable and help them enjoy their golden years and retirement days, without too much disruption for you?

   Caring for Your Aging Parents

Keeping Busy in Retirement

Keeping Busy in Retirement

When you spend your lifetime working, you look forward to retiring and enjoying the rest of your life. The golden years are an exciting prospect. But it's important to keep yourself busy and active during your retirement.

Caring for a Loved One

Caring for a Loved One

If your elderly parent or a loved one develops mobility problems, you will need to transform your home and make it as safe for them as possible. Here's a guide to making such improvements at your home.

Care for your elderly

It's not an easy task, as they, too, struggle with the new reality of later years. You have your own life, a family, significant other, and a career to think about. How do you keep up the pace and please everyone around you, while looking after needs, too?

Try to balance things as much as possible, attending to what needs to be done as required. If you are fortunate, your elderly parents might be still able to look after themselves, with only occasional help needed.

Try to spend quality time with them, instead of stress time. Invite them over for a day ot dinner, instead of pushing them on to your sibling and then worry if they are being looked after.

Be straightforward and honest with them, especially if the things get tough to manage. Safety and honesty will make their later years a good memory, for you, too.

Remember, one day you'll find yourself in their shoes, too!

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Set a good example for your own children to follow, by looking after
aging parents with dignity and care. (Image by