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How Many Toys Do Kids Really Need

How Many Toys Do Kids Really Need

With the ever-growing offer of toys, children's wish lists are growing, too. As parents you would often wonder, how much is enough? You know deep in yourself that guiding yourself with your child's wishes isn't a smart thing to do. Maybe fewer is better?

How to Travel Safely With Kids

How to Travel Safely With Your Kids

Holidays are a great fun, especially when they involve a whole family. It's an opportunity to escape your daily routine and explore different places, while having fun and relaxing. Here are some general safety tips for having a good and safe holiday with your children.

Best Tools to Have in Your Garage

Best Tools to Have in Your Home Garage

Your home garage can serve many purposes, not just to keep your car in there. It's place where you keep many things, including some garden stuff, unless you have a garden shed. That means a lot of work is done in garage for which you need many hand and power tools.

Awesome Drones Your Kids Will Adore

Awesome Drones Your Kids Will Love

Ask any kids about drones and their faces will light up with excitement. Not to mention adults, too. These little devices come in many shapes and forms, with a variety of options. We give you a quick overview of 7 awesome drones that your kids will love and adore you for.

How to Safely Store Your Knives

How to Store Your Knives Safely

No kitchen should be without a set of good, sharp kitchen knives, without which culinary art would be impossible. But you also have to know how to store them and keep them sharp. Not to forget storing them safe, especially when you have children.

DIY Projects With Kids

DIY Improvement Projects To Do With Kids

Do you have some errands around the home that need to be done, while your children are running around with endless energy? Put your thinking cap on and solve two problems at once. Here are some do-it-yourself home improvement projects that can be done with kids.

Keep Snakes Away With These Plants

Keep Snakes Away With These Plants

Fear of snakes is one of the most common fears that many people experience, especially if found around the house. While there are many methods to repeal snakes, one of the best is to try a natural approach. Here is a list of six plants that can help you repel snakes.

Fun With Your Kids in Florida

Having Fun With Your Kids in Florida

It can be an enchanting experience to take a weekend trip or a full-on vacation with your family in Florida. There is so much on offer in this great destination. But you have to be mindful of your budget, as families are demanding. Here are budget-friendly ideas for family fun in Florida.

Keep Sunroom Cozy in Winter

How to Keep Your Sun Room Cozy

It should be a perfect spot for you and your family to enjoy the best of what your home offers. But if the room is not well equipped and insulated, too much heat or cold can spoil the fun. Here are 4 ways to make your sun room cozy, be it a winter time or summer time.

Best Family Neighborhoods in NJ

Best Family Neighborhoods in New Jersey

So, what's the best place for your family to live? Is your current location your choice, of it just happened? It's not an easy task to choose where you want to live, made more complicated when you have a family. Here's our take on best neighborhoods in New Jersey.

How to Organize Your Kids Toys

How to Organize Your Kid's Toys

Being a parent of a young child is a full-time job. Not the least trying to keep your house clean and organized, with all the child's toys and stuff around in every corner. So, how do your keep things organized? Here are some tips to keep your child's toys and school stuff organized.

Home Improvement Tips

Home Improvement Tips for Growing Family

When you are expecting a new family addition, things get exciting, as you prepare for the new arrival. But you also have to start planning ahead and prepare to make more room to accommodate your growing family. Here are some tips to make it work that won't cost you much.

Help Kids Adjust to Living in NYC

How to Help Your Kids Adjust to Living in NYC?

Moving to a new city can be a stressful thing, but also an exciting way for a family to start a new life. Especially when the new city is New York! Naturally, the place of this size will add to the excitement and the stress of moving. This can be particularly stressful for your children.

Help Children With Moving Anxiety

Help Children With Moving Anxiety

Moving away to a new place, be it for a new job or other reasons, is always an involving process, both physically and emotionally. It is more so for your children, trying to understand the reasons for it. So, it's important to take your time and talk to them, to ease their anxiety.

Tips for Tackling Interior Design

Tips for Tackling Interior Design

New home means a new start and the opportunity to create a home of your dreams. It should be the place that's comfortable, aesthetic and functional, reflecting your own style. Here are some tips on how to about tackling interior design as a new homeowner.

Manage Home as Single Parent

Manage Home as a Single Parent

It's becoming a growing reality to have a family raised by a single parent. Many single-parent families are headed by a single mother with multiple children, who learn the value of the hard work. With good tips and advice one can raise a happy and healthy single-parent family.

Moving In Together Too Soon?

Moving In Together: How Soon is Too Soon?

As your relationship grows, one of the natural steps forward is to live-in together, sharing common premises. But how soon is too soon to be making such a decision? Ask yourself first: Is moving in together a good idea? Give it a serious thought before you take the next step.

Bathroom Renovations by Professionals

Professional Bathroom Renovations

These days people like to get things done by themselves. It saves money and there are heaps of tutorial videos online. But it's not always a good idea. Some things are best done by professionals. Here are four reasons why your shouldn't make bathroom reno a DIY project.

Concrete Slab Heating System

Benefits of Concrete Slab Heating

There are many different options to heat your house. From gas and electric heaters, to solar panels, they all have different costs and maintenance. One of the more popular heating systems is concrete slab heating or in-floor heating, which uses pipes to heat the floor.

Live In or Move Out

Live In or Move Out While Remodeling Home

There's no question that your family would be excited at the prospect of renovating your home. After all, everybody likes to have a new home. But you have to decide where you're going to live while remodeling is going on. Live in or move out? Here are some reasons for both choices.

Luxury Interior Decor Ideas

7 Interior Decor Ideas for Luxury

In today's fast moving world, one way to escape all the stress is to seek your solace at home. Doing that is not always easy, so you have to be mindful of it when you're decorating your home. Combine it with a certain level of luxury and you will have your own home sanctuary.

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