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Teen Driving

Resources and tips for teenage driving

As a parent you know that parenting is much more than providing for your and your children's needs. You want to guide your child from youth toward adulthood by showing them that there is much more to life than all things electronic. So, gently disconnect your teen and get them involved with other pursuits.

   Teen Driving Tips

Driving Resources for Students

Driving Resources for Students

There are many changes that students must deal with, as they move from high school to college. This puts them at an increased risk in their lives, which can often have a detrimental effect. All this can result in distractions while driving a car, including driving while intoxicated.

Teenage Drivers Safety Tips

Teenage Drivers Safety Tips

Learning how to drive is a right of passage for teenage drivers, as well as an opportunity for them to gain more independence in their lives. As parents, you must ensure that your teen learns about the dangers in driving and responsibilities that go with it.

Teenage distractions

Teens today have so much more to distract them besides their homework, the opposite sex, friends, family members, and extracurricular activities. Besides learning how to drive, teenagers are occupied with playing with an assortment of electronic gizmos including cell phones, camera phones, personal computers, smartphones, DVD players, ipods, xboxes, the list goes on.

Wired? You betcha … and then some. Perhaps all of this electronic gadgetry has you concerned and you are wondering just how you can extract your teen and involve them in an outside activity where they can expand their minds and refresh their bodies.

Teenager in the driver seat
Teenagers often have a lot on their minds, which combined with their
inexperience, can lead to poor driving habits.  (Image by

Teenage driving

If you think a car isn't a teen magnet as much as when you first learned how to drive, think again.

Today, teens are pimping their rides and expressing themselves through their cars. Custom paint, decals, blacked out windows, even faux aircraft wings are being attached to the outside of their cars. On the inside, it can be totally surreal: rear view mirrors wrapped with a studded belts, frilly seat cover trim, pushpin art attached to the headliner, decals everywhere, etc.

All this focus on the appearances and trying to impress, leaves teens poorly educated for proper driving. And if they don't learn correct road behaviour and traffic rules, it will leave them driving-poor for the rest of their adult lives.


Preventing Prescription Misuse by Teens

One of the common problems with teen driving is substance abuse and prescription drugs misuse. This often goes unnoticed by parents and adults. We've created this guide to help you identify and prevent misuse of prescription medications by your teens.

The guide covers these topics:

  • Facts about teen drug misuse and teen drug use statistics 
  • Mental and physical symptoms of teen prescription drug misuse 
  • Scripts and conversation starters for parents on talking to their teen about drug use 
  • and much more... 

You can explore the guide for yourself here:

Here is a sample shot from the guide:

Kids talking to parents about drugs