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Studying Tips

Advice on Studying at Home and Parental Support Importance

Home study determines child's success in school, or the lack of it. Doing homework is an important part of child's schooling that when done properly will result on good school marks. Get some studying tips here.

  Studying Tips at Home

10 Ways to Study for an Exam

10 Ways to Study for an Exam

If you are in university, you know what it means to be at the precipice of hell week. This is when you end up having multiple exams, which can end up being your nightmare for many years if your are unprepared. Here ten great ways to study and retain the knowledge.

Create The Perfect Study Area

Create the Perfect Study Area

As parents, you know that your job includes making sure that you child is studying well, not only at the school, but also at home. As part of your parental responsibility you should choose and create a perfect study environment and space at home.

How to Get Your Child Excited About Learning From Home

Get Child Excited Learning From Home

The COVID-19 crisis has closed most schools around the world, sending children home to learn from a distance. It's added more responsibility to parents, who have to find ways to make learning from home engaging and fun. Here are some simple tips to help you.

Help Your Kids with Homework

Help Your Kids with Homework

Children come home with homework from their early age. As a parent, it's only natural that you want to help them, by giving them a hand with it. You should help them, but without doing it for them. Here are some ways that you can help your children with their homework.

Home Study Tips

Home Study Tips Do's and Dont's

To successfully study at home, you need to find a place to study without any distractions, that will allow you to concentrate on what you do. It's also good to learn the art of skimming for faster and better absorption of your study material. (This is a lengthy 5-page article.)

Importance of Reading Books

The Importance of Reading Books

With so many high-tech distractions around us that rob us of of the importance of living, book reading seems so old-fashioned. Especially for the children, whose young minds get so easily seduced by the modern technology gadgets. But the real values still reside in books.

Master The English Language

Master The English Language

If you speak more than one language, it gives you great advantages in life and expands your horizons. But speaking English is one of the keys to being successful in the world, be it in business or your profession. Here are six reasons to master the English language.

Support Breeds Academic Success

Parental Support Breeds Academic Success

It's no secret that a good education gives one a good headstart in life. This includes good studying habits both at home and in school. Children who receive parental help with their study tend to do better in school. This is a result of a good administrative and educational support.

Tips to Improve Your Study Skills

Tips to Improve Your Study Skills

School, college and university years are very important in student's life, preparing them to face real life challenges. The key to academic success and later real-life success is to study hard. This is done by developing good study skills and studying habits.

Parents help with home study

There are some simple, common sense steps that parents can do to help child with home study. While it's important to make sure that child adheres to a disciplined approach to studying at home, it's not necessary to make child's study a burden. Planned approach to studying at home and parental support will result in child's good school grades, while at the same time allow him or her to enjoy their childhood as they should.

An open book with letters flying away
Students who do studying at home achieve better academic success,
become more ambitious and increase chances of successful
accomplishments in life.


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The best way to avoid anxiety of it all, both for children and parents, is to focus on what needs to be done and get going. This Back to School Guide shows you how to stay organized, keep your health and maintain your sanity in the face of it all.

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