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Main Differences Between
Fake and Genuine Psychics

How to recognize a genuine psychic

6. January 2015 - The current state of the psychic industry is not at all great. There are thousands of scam artists out there and individuals that simply want to take advantage of the people that want to get help from psychics. Statistics show that around 75% of all the psychics are frauds.

With this in mind, you need to know how to compare the fake services with those of genuine psychics like The Circle Psychics. Everything highlighted is simple to understand and will aid you to make a good choice.

The Information That is Requested

Psychic guidance
Genuine psychic can provide a useful
help and guidance in life

The fake psychics will ask for your star sign or your birthday in order to check newspapers for astrology readings. They will make everything sound better and you would love it because you will believe that there is a real connection that is established.

You have to be careful and always talk with the person without actually offering too much information about you. See what the psychic tells you and most importantly, what is asked of you to say.

However,not all those that ask for such information are fake. There is a thin line between them though and you need to be aware of who you are dealing with.

Too Many Promises

The fake psychic advisor is going to make a lot of promises. For instance, you will be told that a spell can make your love interest get back together with you. Everything that is offered will bring in expensive charges. When you are being told that there is some sort of spell that is put on your family, your friends or you, be extra careful! There is a huge possibility that you are talking with a fake psychic since there is no such thing as a hex or a curse. Fear is used by the fake advisors to make more money.

The Questions That are Asked and Answered

Fortune teller
Fortune telling is different from genuine psychics and the two shouldn't be confused. (Image: Vjeran Lisjak)
The psychic that is a fraud will never want to be tested. He/she will not want to answer a question that you have an answer to. In the event that you notice that the psychic does not allow you to ask a question and refuses to do what is known as a general reading, there is a huge possibility that you are faced with a con artist.

The genuine psychic will tell you things about the future, present and past and can tell you things that others cannot. When the psychic will want to do a reading without relevant or personal information, you are most likely dealing with a fraud.

What You Wear

In the event that you arrange a face-to-face meeting, you should wear just casual clothes, zero designer wear, jewelry or rings. All that you do and wear can offer information that the fake psychic will use. As an example, when you use big words and you speak properly, you are well-educated. The designer clothes highlight that you have money. We can mention more but you surely understood what we mean. Try to walk to the reading and try to not give out too much information.

Always use your common sense! In the event that you do not feel a connection and you do not believe that the psychic is legit, there is a pretty good possibility that you are correct. That is what you have to remember at the end of the day.

Spiritual Awareness

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