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How to Bond with Your Child

4 great ways to create a strong bond with your child

Giving a birth is only the beginning of parenthood. The real job of parenting comes with properly raising the child and keeping up with the changes as the child grows. A parent has to change his or her roles along with the growth, especially when the child crosses the age of childhood.

There are many parents who try to pressurize children to act, talk, eat and study the way they want to. They expect the children to know everything and hence become upset when their expectations aren't met. But it should be remembered that every parent was once a child and probably went through the same things that are being faced by the children presently.

Bonding with Your Child

In order to build a great and strong relationship with your kids, as a parent you need to know how to bond with them. Here are four ways to bonding with your kids.

1) Conversations with Children

An online survey was conducted with children belonging to the age group of 12 - 16 years old. The survey found that one of the reasons why children needed good friends was because the parents had no time to sit down and talk to them.

So, to share their thoughts and experiences, they looked forward to being friends with new people. Needless to say, this also led to them falling into the wrong company.

Mother reading book to children
Creating a strong bond with your children is an important parental
responsibility, which can be done in many ways by spending time
with your children.

In today's world where both parents have to earn money to support their family, children end up growing in the hands of babysitters and teachers at day care centres. In the race to earn money, a parent is not able to put aside enough time for his or her duties of being a father or a mother.

However hard it might be sometime, parents must strive to spend enough quality time with their children, talking about the day's happenings. You'll get in better toush with how your child thinks and what he or she does, and better understand their motivation. In turn, this will go a long way towards creating a strong bond with your child.

2) Give him/her time to learn by self-experiences

Often parents get demoralized when their child does not know something. While it's important for children to learn as they grow, give them time to learn new things from their own experiences. It's an important step in bonding with your kids.

Punishing your children when they don't know something is not the right way to build a good bond with your child. It's the attitude that matters. When they put a good effort in learning something, it's the right thing to do, even if results are someting not exactly what you as a parent would have hoped.

The child will learn a lot just by watching his or her parents. But children learn the most through their own experiences. This in turn builds their self-confidence and motivates them to learn even more and become more independent.

3) Avoid instilling fears in your children

Parents sometime hit their children or instill fear by making scary stories to prevent them from doing something. For example, if the child enters the attic or the cellar again and again, the mother or father might scare him by saying that there's a ghost in the attic or the cellar.

Such statements not only develop the factor of fear but also hamper the psychology of a child. A better approach might be take steps in preventing the child's access to those places and by reasoning. It might not work at once, but with repetition the child will start to understand and/or take interest in other things.

In any case, a parent should not stop the child from doing something, unless there is a good reason for it, or it is something that may cause an injury. Children are naturally inquisitive and can't be expected to know the things that parents do. He is only going to learn about things on his own, from his own experiences.

Motivate and encourage good behaviour, while subduing bad behaviour in your child.

Father helping soon to ride bicycle
Bonding with your child can be done by helping them learn new things
in a fun way, creating a lasting bond between the parent and the child.

4) Ego should not harm the relationship

Many parents complain about the rude behavior of the teenage children. One must remember that it is their time of growth and hence their mind is not matured enough to understand about controlling their emotions, when they are in their teen age. Such harshness should not be taken personally and they should be given their time and space to realize their mistake of being arrogant.

Also, always remember that once the child returns, the parent should not offend him/her or shun the kid away. The arms of the parents should always be open to hold the child.

Building a bond with the child is not an easy task. However, with right effort, patience and understanding, one can be the child's best friend.


This is a guest post written by Amy Lawson. She is a content writer and among her interests are Films, Travel, Technology and Eco Living. She is a professional blogger from London and has written many articles on Entertainment, Finance and Health categories. Her current research includes some new categories, such as child tax credits, preparing to write more new content articles.

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