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Parent and Child Relationship

One of the most important ties between human beings

The relationship between parent and child is one of the most important ones, when it comes to people's relationships. As both parents and children grow, this relationship will change and evolve.

In good parent and child relationships this bond will grow stronger. Those that sour will create tensions. Such as the nature of human relations, especially when it comes to family ties.

  Parents and Children

Being Bullied Online Signs

Being Bullied Online Signs

Cyber bullying is a huge issue with kids today, who spend a lot of time on the internet. Young people often zero in on other young people in the school and use the internet to harass, embarrass or threaten them. Learn how to recognize the warning signs of bullying.

Benefits of Pets for Child Development

Benefits of Pets for Child Development

Some people believe that pets and children don't mix. Well, neither does a hot stove or electricity, but we still have them. With sensible parental supervision, pets can be very beneficial to child development, including better immunity, mental health and emotional growth.

Help Child Adjust to a New Sibbling

Help Child Adjust to a New Sibbling

A new baby is an exciting experience that can bring a lot of joy and happiness to your family. But it can also be a confusing time for your older child, trying to understand what's going on. It's your job as parents to help your child ajust to a having a new sibbling in their life.

Children Learn Through Play

Children's Learning Through Play

When children go back to school, for many this is when the play and fun time ends. But this shouldn't be so. Parents need to understand that playing time is an important part of child's development and learning process, that helps young mind grow.

Tips to Choose Best Bicycle for Your Kids

Choose Best Bicycle for Your Kids

Choosing a bicycle for your child can be a difficult thing, what with sizes, accessories, design, etc. In this article we look at five brilliant tips that you can take to the store, including bike sizing guide, when you are trying to choose the best bicycle for your kids.

Get Your Kids Outdoors

Get Your Kids to Play Outdoors

With modern devices now widely available, children spend nowehere as much time being and playing outside as their parents did. While it's good that kids keep up with modern technology, using those devices too much can be detrimental to their health.

Boost Goal Setting Help for Kids

Boost Goal Setting Help for Kids

All parents want their children to lead happy and prosperous lives. The key to this success in life is a good eduction and knowing how to set up goals. Parents must take respective steps to help their children learn proper goal setting and taking steps to accomplish them.

Hobbies and Child Development

Hobbies and Child Development

Every parent wants their children to grow up to be happy and healthy, to lead a better life than their own. This is the whole purpose of educating your children, helping them to acquire necessary skills. Help your child with choosing a hobby to become a well-rounded person.

How Many Toys Do Kids Really Need

How Many Toys Do Kids Need

Living in a society of abundance means there's too much of everything, including toys. If as an adult you might have difficulty choosing what you need, it gets even more difficult when deciding how many toys your kids should have. While children need to play, fewer is better.

How to Bond With Your Child

How to Bond With Your Child

The real job of parenting comes after birth, with properly raising the child and watch it grow. The parents' role also changes along the way, to keep up with the child's growth and maturing. Build a strong relationship with your children by bonding with them.

How to Organize Your Kids Toys

How to Organize Your Kids Toys

When you have a young child, it seems like a full-time, never-ending job to keep your house organized and clean. Toys, books, puzzles and Legos can be found in every corner. Time to stop this. Follow these clever tips to keep your child's toys and stuff organized.

Prepare Your Teen to Leave Home

Prepare Your Teen to Leave Home

It can be a difficult moment in any parent's life to see their own child leave home. But it's all part of natural life progression. The best you can do as parents is prepare your teen well for a happy life and career of their own, knowing you've done your best.

Six Tips for a Happy Family

Six Tips for a Happy Family

Just about anybody's goal is to have a happy life for themselves and their family, too. This is because your family becomes a number one priority in your life and your family happines is the foundation upon which it's built. Here are six ways to a happier family life.

Teach Your Kids Sustainability

Teach Your Kids Sustainability

At their young age, kids are naturally inquisitive about everything, including the nature. As parents, you try to teach them "all the right stuff", so that they're ready to face the world knowledgeable. It's also best time to get them excited about enviromental sustainability.

Relationship With Your Children

Repair Relationship With Your Children

Parenthood inevitable involves broken relationships with your children. Sometimes these "cracks" can appear at an early age, the other times it happens during the teen years. Learn how to fix those rifts between you and the child, to make your job of parenting all that easier.

Rewarding Children Behaviour

Rewarding Child's Good Behaviour

One of many important parental responsibilities is to teach your children the value of things in life. This will help them focus on important things in life and learn to dedicate themselves. It's therefore important to reward children's good behaviour.

But things do change and relationships between parents and children will change, for better or worse. If you are a parent, don't despair; people do come around as they grow and mature.

Happy parents with their children
Parents and children relationship is a complex and a long-lasting
human bond, which naturally has its ups and downs.

Children and parents relationships

According to Kira Birditt, lead author of a study on children and parents relationships, "The parent-child relationship is one of the longest lasting social ties human beings establish."

Being a parent is not easy, but it is a great challenge. After all, we are responsible for helping, raising and educating our children from the stage of a baby into the stage of adulthood. Although they move on into adulthood, we never stop being parents and always want to make sure that they are doing well.

A happy family
Building an emotionally sound relationship with children
is no guarantee for a good parent-child relationship,
but it's a solid foundation for a happy long-term family ties.