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The Dangers IN Your Home

Know about and reduce hidden dangers in your home

As a homeowner you’re probably more than aware that you need to protect your home from the outside world. You have to protect it from burglars. You have to protect it from pesky little pests. You have to protect it from the cold.

But these external forces aren't the only thing your home needs protecting from. It needs protecting from things within it too. Below are a few of the areas you should target within your home and make as safe as possible.

Equip your home with good fire extinguishers
One of the most important household equipments should be fire extinguishers,
which can come handy in a number of dangerous household situations.

Electrical faults

First of all, the electrics that are wired all-around your home bring you a standard of life you deserve, but they can bring danger to you also. And it can bring the biggest danger of all — death. Electricity can kill, that much is for certain, which is why you need to keep the electrical faults in your home to a minimum. To do so you should get to know a little bit about your electrics:

  • You should know exactly where the main switch is, so that you can turn it off quickly in an emergency. 
  • You should know about your fuses and how they feel when there is a fault at hand (they will become hot). 
  • And you should know about circuit-breakers and RCDs in order to give yourself the best protection possible against electrical faults.

But even when you know your main switch from your fuses you should never carry out any electrical work yourself. In fact, you should never let anybody carry out such work in your property unless they’ve been trained and are qualified to do so. You should call out a professional electrician to handle your electrics at all times. Even if your home suffers from an electrical fault in the dead of night you should still seek the services of a 24 hour electrician. Nobody should ever touch the wiring or other dangerous aspects of your electrics unless they are trained to do so, no matter the time of day.

Get a professional electrician
There are inherent dangers in working with electricity, even if you understand how electricity works. Always hire a professional electrician for any electrical faults.

Carbon monoxide

And the same can be said about many other hidden dangers in your home. The most hidden of these dangers, and one of the most dangerous, is carbon monoxide. The fact that it is known as the ‘silent’ killer says everything you need to know about it.

  • It is flavourless. 
  • It is odourless. 
  • It gives no warning before it strikes. 
  • But it can make you very ill. 

In fact, it can and does cause death. It is a poison that needs to be fought in your home before it is given the chance to take a hold of you and your family.

To fight it, like when it comes to your electrics, you should seek professional assistance. You should have a qualified technician take a look at a number of things in your home at least once a year:

  • They should look at your heating system. 
  • They should look at your water heater. 
  • And they should take a look at all your coal, oil and gas appliances. 
Carbon monoxide detector alarm
One of the most hidden dangers in your home come from carbon monoxide,
which is where carbon monoxide alarm comes handy. (Image

By doing this you are keeping potential poisonous carbon monoxide fumes at bay. And once your home has been checked you should have a CO detector fitted into your home and should refrain from heating your home with a gas oven.

So, you need to give just as much precedence into keeping the dangers within your home at bay as much as you to the dangers outside of it. There are always going to dangers in your home, it’s just a case of stopping them. You need to stop them to keep you safe, and you need to stop them to give yourself a peace of mind too.

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