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Home Security

Protect your home with modern security systems

There's a plethora of advanced technology these days, designed to protect your home. Gone are the days of a simple home alarm that was more meant to trick and intimidate potential thieves, than to provide any real protection.


Dangers in Your Home

Dangers in Your Home

Ita takes quite a few steps to protect your home and make your family feel secure. But it's not only enough to protect your property againts outside intruders, but also from the hidden dangers in your home. Take steps to identify those and learn how to deal with them.

Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems

Your system of home security should contain more than just an alarm. It should guarantee a safe and secure environment, and provide a peace of mind for the entire family. There are six essential features that each home alarm system should contain.

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

According to a reputable study, an active home security system will reduce break-ins and other associated crimes in communities. But there is more to a security system than just acting as a prevention. A good security system should contain a lot of useful security features.

Improve Your Home Security

Improve Your Home Security

In order to enhance your home security, certain steps have to be taken that will provide for better protection of your home. Some of it can cost you a fortune, while other steps can be done cheaply and effectively. Here are some easy ways to improve your home security.

Increase Home Security

Increase Home Security

When you have a home, it's important to protect it from potential threats, as well as to protect your valuables and your family's wellbeing. There are some simple steps that you can take now to increase security within your home.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Keeping Your Family Safe

Your home is your castle, where you retreat daily after a long day work to relax and unwind with your family. It's therefore important to keep it safe and avoid living in the areas rife with crime and danger. You need to be aware of those and learn to protect your family.

Peace of Mind Home Security

Peace of Mind Home Security

When you have a family, your life is likely to include a lot of worrying. You concern yourself with how your family are doing, worry about their safety, and try to figure out better ways to protect them all. Get modern technology on your side, for more home security.

Protect Home From Fire

Protect Your Home From Fire

Hour fires cause thousands of deaths every year. While some of them are caused by arson, most of these fires are caused by smoking and heating equipment. It's also no surprise to know that most of house fires start in the kitchen. Learn to protect your home from fire.

10 Security Gadgets That Every Home Must Have

Security Gadgets for Every Home

The security of your home is one of the fundamentally important aspects. There are plenty of security gadgets available on the market at affordable prices. But which do you choose? To make the right choice, read this review of the 10 security gadgets for every home.

Benefits of Smart Home Security System

Smart Home Security System

In the current days, the safety of your family should be a priority, lockdown or not. The opportunistic thieves don't sleep. One of the best approaches for a smart home security is by integrating your safety control, using a variety of available systems and smart devices.

Ask questions first

But, as with all things new, you should first do some window shopping and investigating, before you decide on a new security system for your home. Ask your family, neighbours and friends, people you trust, about their security systems. Take note of all positive and negative things they experienced in using their systems. This will give you different pointers and plenty of questions to ask your potential security firm.

Advertising best security system features is one thing; knowing how it all works in practice is another. Go to forums and social networks and ask around - just don't give you address or personal details. You never know who's watching you online and taking notes, quietly.

Secure your home with a good alarm system
Turn your home into an impenetrable castle with a good home security system
and home alarm systems.

Get the job done by professionals

Once you know what you want, shop around for best systems and best pricing options. There's more to home security system than the cost itself. Installing the system by yourself might save you on the cost, but it really should be left to the professionals who know what they do, unless you're one of them.

Also, if you want a complete security system, you have to consider paying the security firm that will monitor all the events while you are away. It's best to obtain a complete package and pay a visit to the security firm, to discuss customized arrangements that will include installing the system and 24/7 monitoring, all of which of course involves extra costs.


How to Improve Home Security

With millions of cyberattacks per year, it's not only important to protect your home against such, but also protect the equipment protecting your home. This best done with two-factor authentication.

To learn more about it, see the guide created by team at, titled How Does Two-Factor Authentication Improve Home Security.

Get some expert insights to better protect your home and your family.

Guide to Securing Your Home

According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 25.7 seconds. As bad as burglaries are, they're not the only danger that pose to our home. One of other dangers is fire.

This guide is a good starting point to learn about different dangers to your home, understand them, and know what needs to be done to prevent them from happening:

- Get inside the mind of a burglar
- What are common burglary deterrents
- How to avoid common burglary "aids"
- Steps to take in securing your home
- How to keep it safe while on vacation
- Home security technology
- Create a home fire defense plan

Get the guide here:

Lockpicking Guide for Beginners

Lockpicking is the act of manipulating a lock to open it without its original key. Not for the sake of robbing someone, but to pick your own lock when you lose the key. Millions of people lose their home or car keys every year.

This quick guide provides some interesting information on lockpicking:

- Learn the difference between leagl and illegal lockpicking
- There are four different types of lockpicks
- How a key opens a lock includes three vital elements
- Different aspects of lockpicking that can be mastered through practice
- Act of lockpicking involves understanding different kinds of locks

Here's the lockpicking guide: