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Quitting Your Bad Habits

Three typical bad habits to get rid of this year

At the start of this year, I’m sure, like me, you decided on a few resolutions. Perhaps they were bad habits you were determined to get rid of this year. I’m also sure, like me, you’ve already failed in this task. Not to worry though because you can always try again.

To make things easier we’re going to think of some of the typical bad habits people try and quit each year. Then we can examine them and think of ways to get rid of them for good. Shall we get started?

Good Habits, Bad Habits sign, with arrows pointing in different directions
No resolutions are necessary to quit your bad habits. You can start at any time and don't get discouraged if you fail - just start again. (Image credit:


Have you got the nicotine monkey on your back? It sounds cute but let’s face it, that monkey is slowly killing you and increasing your chances of getting lung cancer. Too dark? Perhaps, but that doesn’t make it any less true. There are lots of ways to quit smoking and I’m certainly not going to list them all here. Instead, I’ll just show a little scientific research. A new study has shown that e-cigarettes have helped people quite more than any other method. That’s right, to quit smoking you can carry on smoking. The best thing about e-cigarettes is that they’re not nearly as harmful. You can also buy cheap e liquid online and it’ll take a lot less out your bank account than constantly buying new packets of cigarettes. I suggest you give this method a go and perhaps let me know how you get on?


Ah, the second classic on the list, usually bundled in a buy one get one free deal with not enough exercise. What’s the best way to get around this one? Well, I suggest rather than focusing on how much you eat to focus on what you eat. Buy a healthy eating cookbook and see what delicious meals you can make that won’t increase your dress size. You may not lose weight at first but this is a great way to get your eating under control. The cookbook helps because you’ll be able to make some great dishes. Did you know if you stop eating sugar for a few months your taste palette will change. You’ll be able to taste the natural sugars in healthy food and suddenly everything will taste so much better. That’s definitely worth trying.

Selfish Deeds

I think we all try to be more selfless at the start of each year. At the end of the cycle, we all feel as though we have failed. Maybe we didn’t pay enough attention to our parents, or we didn’t give enough to charity. The truth is that this isn’t so much a bad habit as a negative perception of yourself, and it’s harder to beat. But, I think as long as you’re doing, at least, one thing every day that benefits someone else you’re on the right track. This could be talking to your mum on the phone or helping an elderly person open a door. It may not seem like a lot but these little selfless acts will start to add up.

Remember, if you want to beat a bad habit or change something about yourself, you just need to focus on the goal. If you do that, you’ll easily get there.

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